Wash Style C

Your Personalised Wash System is Ready For You!

You've shared with us that you currently:

  • Usually uses a garden hose to wash your car
  • Have access to power and/or water where you wash
  • Car doesn't have ceramic coating or PPF applied
  • Require new wash mitts and towels
  • Need to clean your interior

Applying Snow Foam

Snow Foam Gun

Instantly transform your garden hose into a foaming powerhouse with our Snow Foam Gun. Get the perfect foam consistency every time for efficient and effective cleaning.

  • Extremely Convenient
  • Garden Hose Compatible
  • Fast Setup & Pack Away Time
  • Wet Foam Consistency

Snow Foam OG+ Lance

When using a pressure washer and a Snow Foam Lance, you will experience the benefit of thick foam coverage. Additionally, this combination enables high pressure water to effectively remove dirt, reducing the risk of creating swirls with your wash mitt.

  • Connects directly to your pressure washer
  • New OG+ Lance design
  • Thickest and Fastest Way To Apply Foam


The E-Foamer V2 allows cleaning anywhere at anytime. Discover the power of the electric E-Foamer V2, enabling you to efficiently clean any surface, anytime.

Simply bring your E-Foamer and Two Bucket Wash Kit to your car for the safest possible wash where no power or water is accessible.

  • Portable
  • Battery Powered
  • Thick Foaming
  • Foam and Mist Nozzles

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