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Snow Foam Detergent

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Four Detergents for different outcomes.

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What Is Snow Foam Detergent?

Unlike regular car wash shampoos, Snow Foam Detergent is specifically designed to be high cleaning and high foaming when used with a Snow Foam Lance, Gun or E-Foamer.

Snow Foam is made to remove as much dirt and grime as possible as a pre-wash but can also be used as a contact wash, providing sufficient lubrication between wash mitts and your paintwork, to reduce swirl marks and hazing on your paint.

What Is The Difference Between Berry Thick & Snow Foam Detergent?

Snow Foam Detergent is our original formula, it is pH Neutral, Australian Made and provides unrivalled shine finish. It's finished with a fresh, clean scent and perfect for both pre-washing and contact washing.

Snow Foam Berry Thick is an upgraded version of Snow Foam Detergent where the foam consistency is thicker out of. your Snow Foam applicator, has boosted cleaning performance and smells like berries. Berry Thick has also been formulated to have low viscosity, meaning it will instanty mix with the water it gets diluted in.

Both require 100mL of Snow Foam Detergent to 900mL/800mL of water in the Snow Foam Lance/Gun.

Will Snow Foam Strip My Ceramic Coating?

Generally, to remove ceramic coating, it takes machine polishing or the use of a clay bar to remove deteriorated or low quality coatings.

When it comes to maintaining ceramic coatings, many ceramic coatings state that they're chemical resistant although detailers would recommend a pH Neutral (7) to be absolutely safe. This is because pH Neutral detergents have no impact on coatings or even high quality spray waxes or ceramic sealants.

For this reason, our Snow Foam Detergent, Snow Foam Berry Thick and Salt Cleanse are pH Neutral (7).

For our Fourby Foam, the pH rating is 12, meaning its a stronger, alkaline cleaner capable of taking off more dirt, grime and grease. Although an alkaline cleaner, it should be remembered that removing ceramic coating usually takes physical buffing and there would be minimal impact to ceramic coating layers especially as Fourby Foam is also diluted 1:10 with water.

Certain enthusiasts and detailers would rather a stronger cleaner to be able to take more dirt off chemically each wash, than removing dirt off via a contact wash, to reduce chances of swirls. This ongoing debate leaves the choice for you to decide if you're better off removing dirt chemically or physically for a better end finish, if choosing to between an alkaline cleaner or a pH Neutral Cleaner.