The 3-in-1 Snow Foam Gun



Snow Foam Applicator

Fully assembled, the Snow Foam Gun V2 will shoot a layer of foam onto your vehicle. With only 100mL of Snow Foam Detergent into your Gun diluted with water, you'll have suds in no time.

Jet Spray

Jet Spray

Taking off the foam nozzle, you'll have a jet sprayer. Great for getting into the harder to reach areas like your wheels, wheel fenders or underbody.



When you detach the Snow Foam Gun body from the trigger, you're left with a garden hose trigger ready to rinse your car.


How Do I Set Up the Snow Foam Gun?

Detach any existing attachments from your garden hose and plug in the Snow Foam Gun's hose trigger.

Pull back the black ring on the end of the trigger and insert the Gun body to the trigger.

Attach the Sprayer Nozzle to the Brass Gun body and rotate to a desired horizontal or vertical spray.

Fill it with 800mL of water and 100mL of Snow Foam Detergent and enjoy!

How Does The Snow Foam Gun Work?

The foam gun works by attaching it to your everyday garden hose. The water travels through the hose and gun, creating a wet foam that adheres to your vehicle. Our super concentrated Snow Foam detergent works perfectly with our snow foam gun. Simply foam, rinse, foam, scrub, rinse and dry for complete clean whilst minimising the risk of causing swirl marks and hazing.

Do I Still Scrub The Car?

The Snow Foam system of washing focuses on swirl-avoidance over contact-avoidance. We still scrub the car to dislodge stubborn dirt that the touchless pre-wash isn't able to remove. We do so with more confidence knowing a wash mitt isn't directly trying to forcefully wipe multiple layers of dirt like that of conventional washing methods.

The most important thing you can do to get the best results is to start with the best quality products. All snow foam products aren’t the same. Our snow foam gun and detergents are made to work together efficiently. Once you mix the detergent with water as instructed, attach it to the garden hose and adjust the dial to the preferred foaming consistency. Pull the trigger, and start snow foaming your car.

How Do I Wash The Car With The Snow Foam Gun?

Foam, Rinse, Foam, Scrub, Rinse then Dry for a thorough wash.

Spray the car, from bottom to top to ensure you don't overlap layers.

The Snow Foam guns from Snowfoam Australia are designed to work with your everyday garden hose. Just fill it with 100mL of our Snow Foam Detergent and 800mL of water. Spray the foam on your car and let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes. For dirtier cars, you can use the two bucket method of car washing for better results with a microfibre wash mitt. Regularly washing your car with the foam gun will prevent dirt from sticking so you can prevent using buckets altogether.

How Long Do I Leave Snow Foam On For?

Leave Snow Foam on for at least 5 minutes avoiding any sunlight if possible.

As a general rule, you want to rinse the first layer off before it dries onto the paint.

Does the Snow Foam Lance and Gun spray the same thick foam?

No, the Snow Foam Gun is specifically for garden hose use. Garden hoses provide around 50psi of pressure, which isn't enough for extremely thick foam. Instead the Gun shoots a wet foam similar to the consistency of a bucket wash. 

For the thickest foam available, please see our Snow Foam Lance options which require a pressure washer to accompany it. We recommend a 1800psi+ pressure washer with 8L/min flow rate. 

Can I Connect a Snow Foam Gun To A Pressure Washer?

Our Snow Foam Gun V2 is specifically made for the garden hose. If you have a pressure washer, you'll need a Snow Foam Lance.