The Premium Grade Car Wash Tool For Optimal Cleaning Results At Home

Snow Foam Lance

The Snow Foam Lance attaches to your pressure washer including brands Karcher, Lavor and Gerni to provide a thick blanket of foam to cover your car. The mixture of high pressure and snow foam detergent means the snow foam breaks down dirt and grime and drips it off onto the ground to ensure you don’t rub harsh chemicals into your paintwork.

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Snow Foam Gun

The Snow Foam Gun attaches to your ordinary garden hose to create foam to protect your car through minimising swirl marks from rubbing in harsh substances into your paintwork. The plug and play setup means you can start washing quicker than ever. The 3-in-1 gun features a high pressure jet, foam sprayer and a hose gun sprayer for quick and easy foaming.

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Detergent + Accessories

Snow Foam Australia wants to make your next car wash not only effective but efficient through introducing tools such as Snow Foam’s Water Blade which can minimise the time taken to dry your car to minimise waterspots and streaking. Add this with the Snow Foam Detergent which is a high concentrate, cost-efficient solution and you’re good to go!

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