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About us

Snow Foam Australia – Who We Are

Snow Foam™ Australia is a team of car enthusiasts with a deep passion to ensure more clean cars are on the road. The reason why we do what we do is to increase appreciation in the world. We strive to create a movement of automotive appreciation that extends from young to old no matter what is driven. Cars are an expensive investment and the team at Snow Foam follow the car culture strongly from the classiness of a Rolls Royce to the monstrous nature of a JDM Nissan Skyline GTR.

Snow Foam™ provides to the Australian public a car washing method unlike no other. We believe the state of your car’s cleanliness is a representation of the driver’s personality and thus think it shouldn’t be a chore to wash your car. Popular in the UK, Snow Foam™ wishes to bring this hidden method to all car owners Australia-wide. Snow Foam™ also wishes to increase the frequency of car washes by Australians by offering a quick, easy and fun way to wash cars.

Follow us on our mission to get more cars on the road with that showroom finish. The feeling of looking at your car, sparkling under the sun, is one that only a few of us Australians can truly understand and relate to.

Why Choose Snow Foam Australia?

What makes Snow Foam™ Australia so different from the rest, is our commitment to you and your car through our quick and friendly service as well as our high quality products. We are specialists in the Snow Foam™ industry and unlike many other car care stores, our focus is on Snow Foam purely as it isn’t “just another product” to us. Our team are always available to assist with finding the correct fitment for your pressure washer to have you fully equipped to start Snow Foaming.

It is for this reason we offer 1 Year Warranty on our products and will do all we can to ensure your experience is better than expected, from ordering from our website to receiving the product and using it. We want to ensure a smile is on your face the entire journey.