About Us

Snow Foam - To Create More Appreciation In The World

What We Drive: We currently choose Audi, Volkswagen & Mazda amongst our team. 

What Drives Us? Our Mission.

Our Mission:

To continually innovate car care to ensure more car enthusiasts are regularly keeping their cars, bikes and other vehicles clean inside and out.

Where It Started:

It began in 2013, when our founder wanted more from his regular car wash. Frustrated with what was currently out there, the bucket and sponge method was far from exciting, labour-intensive and time consuming. To make things worse, the big retailer's off-the-shelf products were bland, had little-to-no character and didn't allow a car enthusiast to show their true pride in their cars or bikes. 

After travelling the world and having conversations with many experts in the automotive detailing and painting field, Snow Foam was created, bringing to Australia a new concept of car washing that was non-existent at the time.

Where We Are Going: 

Snow Foam is on a journey to innovate how we keep the interior and exterior of our cars cleaner for longer. We are on the continuous development of technology, products and services to provide solutions for car enthusiasts to wash using products of high quality so they last and are effective in doing their intended jobs. Our focus is on a full understanding of our customers and integrating a range of products that are ergonomic. 

Our Values


We're focused on car care and are specialists when it comes to Snow Foaming. From pressure washer settings, water flow settings, product adjustments and more, we'll be able to assist you. We choose not to focus on products or services we would not recommend to our own family or friends let alone our valued customers.

Customer Experience:

From start to finish, we strive to have our customers treated with utmost care and consideration. We will recommend the best products fit for purpose, provide advice, recommendations and tips and custom tailor a washing method that may suit you as best as possible. 


We have incorporated free returns, 1 year warranty on our Lances and Guns, customer service available by email, phone, messenger and in person to enforce our integrity of being a world class brand. 


All products are made with care so you can take care for your pride and joy. Carefully packed, we want you to be confident in your dealings with us and that involves getting your products to you as presentable and protected as possible. We also care for the environment and strive to have our chemicals be friendly on the environment. We have started this off with our Snow Foam Detergent being biodegradable.