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Snow Foam Detergent VS Regular Car Wash Detergent

July 22, 2017

Snow Foam Detergent VS Regular Car Wash Detergent

Snow Foam Detergent, What's The Fuss? 

Snow Foam Detergent by Snow Foam Australia isn't like your regular car washing detergent you'd pick up from your local auto store. With years of research and continual improvement of our formulas, Snow Foam Detergent available today is our best one yet. 

As car enthusiasts ourselves, we knew what kind of Snow Foam we wanted to create and offer the community. We strived to have our Snow Foam be:

  • pH Neutral - To avoid the Snow Foam stripping quality waxes or paint protection
  • Highly Concentrated - 100mL diluted with warm water to provide thick foam
  • Cost Efficient - 100mL of Snow Foam Detergent allowing up to 3 foam layers on a normal sized car
  • Bio-Degradable & Environmentally Friendly
  • Pleasantly Scented 
  • Suitable for paint, wrap and vinyl
  • Easily available for top ups - Purchasable online with express shipping
  • Available in a range of sizes 

Teaming up the Snow Foam Detergent with the Snow Foam Lance, Gun or Air Foamer will produce a thick foam using only 100mL of detergent. To achieve a similar foaming thickness with regular car washing detergents, you'd be looking at filling your lance purely with detergent and thus seeing it run out quicker. This consequently can waste a lot of car washing detergent. 

Be aware of using regular car washing detergents, especially cheaper options as many may not be pH neutral and some even contain salts. Some car owners opt to use dishwashing liquid which is filled with salt and do nothing but hard to your paintwork. 

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