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Black Bristle Tyre Brush

Suffering from sidewall sadness? The mixture of tyre blooming, road dirt, grime and older tyre shine creates an undesirable browning on your tires. That's where the Black Bristle Tyre Brush can agitate the dirt and bring back the depth and freshness to your tyres.

The brush is lightweight with shorter bristles to create more agitation for your tyres between grooves and tyre writing.

Team the Black Bristle Tyre Brush with Wheel Cleaner or Orange Degreaser and scrub thoroughly before rinsing. 

Your tires will be ready for a fresh layer of Tyre Shine or Tyre Gel to get back looking it's best.


  • Plastic Hair Bristles
  • Effective Cleaning, Long Lasting
  • Ergonomic angled handle for effortless agitation
  • Best for tyres, wheel wells, plastics, side rails, engine bay, splash guards and more