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Purple by Snow Foam - Brake Dust Dissolver

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Purple by Snow Foam. The Magic That Dissolves Brake Dust & Doesn't Send Your Nose Bust. 

We've tested, tested, tested and then did more testing to find a Brake Dust Dissolver that we could use effectively, smelt pleasant enough to use and would only require minimal product to be effective. The market is filled with fallout removers that we couldn't stand to be anywhere near but with Purple by Snow Foam, we went toward it instead of running away from it. 

  • pH Neutral 
  • Iron & Fallout Decontaminator
  • Works on wheels to dissolve brake dust and iron particles
  • Works on paint panels to dissolve brake dust and iron particles
  • Rinse off with pressure washer for easy touch-less cleaning
  • Unique Tolerable Smell - Unlike many other fallout removers, Purple by Snow Foam does not contain the foul smell. 

1. Spray wheels when car is dry. Best to leave car to cool down and ensure you do not miss any smaller curves on the wheel's design. 

2. Let Purple dwell and dissolve the brake dust. When you see the purple bleeding, this is when you know it is time to rinse. 

3. Rinse thoroughly ensuring all product is rinsed off 

4. Check wheels, follow with light scrubbing if needed. 

5. Dry wheels and proceed to use Tire Shine. 


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