Wheel Cleaner and Purple Brake Dust Dissolver are essential products in our range of quality car care equipment. We always use a mixture of both products in our cleaning routines, but this is for you if you only want one or the other.


Source: Snow Foam Australia

Wheel Cleaner is a powerful alkaline wheel cleaner solution.

Made to spray on, agitate if needed and rinsed off, all in under a few minutes. Being an alkaline cleaner, avoid any non-factory wheels with clear coats, raw aluminium wheels, or anodized wheels. It is highly effective as a cleaner that creates outstanding cleaning power, lubrication and suds when used with a wheel brush.


Blake Kaucic -

"Awesome product hands down. Best products around and would recommend these to all."



Source: Snow Foam Australia

Purple is a 3-in-1 decontamination product. 

It is a pH neutral formula that works as an easy-to-use spray-on for your wheels, dissolving iron particles. After a good 2 - 3 minute dwell time, the chemical reaction will reveal a purple runoff that carries iron particles off your wheels. Purple works well when applied, rinsed off or agitated if needed.

Completely safe for ceramic coated wheels and paintwork. You can even use it on paintwork to remove iron particles that arise from your brakes. The last use of Purple is with a clay bar. It can be used as a clay bar lubricant to ensure you visibly see areas of high contamination and proceed to clay over those areas.


Chris Merten -

"Saves me time and my back. I hadn't cleaned my wheels for a long time so a lot of build up on them from brake dust. Sprayed on as per the instructions and with the normal garden hose the wheels came clean straight away. No need to scrub or wipe anything. Awesome product and will be buying it again."


In short...

Wheel Cleaner is a spray-on and scrub for wheels with a factory finish and NOT recommended for non-factory wheels with clear coats, raw aluminium, or anodized finishes. Purple is a simple spray-on and rinse-off brake dust and iron dissolver that is safe to use on all wheels, paintwork, and clay lube.


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Source: Snow Foam Australia


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