You've foamed, you've scrubbed, you've rinsed and now it's time for drying. But can your drying process be causing your car more harm than good?

With safe drying methods for your pride and joy being essential to maintain that swirl-free finish, we've found we needed to use drying towels that were soft, super absorbent and friendly on your paintwork.

Over countless car washes that have maintained a swirl-free finish, here are some of our tips to get your next wash safer than ever:

Our Drying Tips:

❅ After washing thoroughly, rinse your car to allow it to drip dry. We do not want to use your drying towel to clean any dirt as that's your wash mitt's job.

❅ Start from the top of your car, laying the Twister Towel flat on the roof and drag down toward your bonnet. Repeat on the other side of the car. 

❅Repeat these steps going toward the boot, then sides of the car. 

❅ Use separate drying towels for your wheels. We like to use microfibre clothes for our wheels and the twister drying towel for the paintwork. Nothing worse than spreading unseen brake dust all over your paintwork.

❅ Ensure at no point the towel touches the ground. If it does hit the ground, get another clean towel to finish the job.

With our Snow Foam Twister Drying Towels, you'll have a soft and ultra-absorbent drying towel as the fibres are twisted. This means less wringing, less streaking and happier drying. After use be sure to wash normally in your washing machine and only dry it in shade.


Washing Instructions

Washing your Twister Towel can be done in the washing machine but here's a few tips to follow:

❅ Wash Separately to other microfibre towels, such as detailing, interior, wheels or polishing towels. You do not want to transfer dirt from one towel to your drying towel

❅ Wash on Cold or Warm setting - avoid hot water

❅ Use a regular wash cycle setting 

❅ Do not bleach or use fabric softeners

❅ Dry with a dryer on low heat or indoor in shade to avoiding dust

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