Snow Foam Lance

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Only after the best for your car?
Look no further than the Snow Foam Lance!

Connecting straight to your Pressure Washer, the Snow Foam™ Lance provides a thick layer of foam to break down the dirt and grime on your car to ensure you do not start scrubbing harsh dirt into your car and paintwork– Say goodbye to swirl marks and hazing!

  • Thick, Blanketing Foam
  • Easy To Install – Plugs directly to your Pressure Washer
  • Adjustable Foaming Dilution Rate from Thick to Wet
  • Adjustable Spraying Pattern from Fan to Jet Spray
  • Requires only 100mL of Snow Foam Detergent
  • Solid Brass Internals & Serviceable Components 
  • Comes with Lance head, male-to-male adaptor, pressure washer adaptor of your choice, suction tube, installed 1.25mm inlet (1600-5000psi) and included 1.11mm inlet (1200-1600psi)
  • 2 Year Warranty

The Snow Foam™ Lance means you can have a quick, easy, and fun car wash with the assurance that you aren’t damaging your pride and joy.

Save time whilst maintaining your car’s value! Also works great with bikes, boats & trucks! 

Unsure if this is the right connector for you?  Use the Lance Adaptor Guide or  Contact Us!

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  1. How do I use a snow foam lance?

    A snow foam lance attaches to your pressure washer to create a thick foam that cleans your car. Start by filling the lance with 100ml of Snow Foam detergent and fill the rest with warm water. Shake the mix and attach the pressure washer via the trigger handle. Start snow foaming your car working from the bottom up. Our snow foam lance fits a wide range of pressure washers. Initially, you might want to follow the foam wash with a two-bucket method car wash. Regular foam washesand applying a protective layer on your paint such as a ceramic coating or wax can prevent you from needing to use buckets at all.  

  2. How does a snow foam lance work?

    The snow foam lance uses the pressure from the pressure washer to create foam in the thickness you want. It’s easy to use, just aim and shoot! Our lances come pre-installed with a 1.25mm foaming inlet that works with 1600 psi to 5000 psi pressure washers. We also include a 1.11mm foaming inlet for pressure washers that are 1200 psi to 1600 psi. At Snowfoam Australia, we’re always happy to help you get the right connection for your pressure washer.

  3. Does snow foam work with ceramic coating?

    Yes, it absolutely does! In fact, it works best with ceramic coating or similar protective layers on your car's paintwork as the foam will have an easier time dripping off dirt and grime as compared to non-treated paintwork. Being pH Neutral, the Snow Foam will not do any damage to your paintwork nor strip your ceramic coating or wax.