The Snow Foam trend in the car enthusiast market has shot up exponentially due to many enthusiasts realising how quick, easy and fun Snow Foam is. It is safer for your car as many use it for a touchless car wash process reducing your chances of inducing swirl marks as well as proving to reduce the time taken to wash your car.

Our team day after day get questioned regarding which is the best Snow Foam product for them whether that is the Snow Foam Gun vs. Snow Foam Lance

In response to this, we decided to answer this for you!

Snow Foam Lance


The Snow Foam Lance connects to your pressure washer. It is available for multiple brands such as Karcher K, Gerni, Lavor, AR Blue Clean, Ryobi, Hitachi and plenty more. If you pressure washer uses a 1/4 inch quick connect adaptor, these are also available for you to use.

Use the Snow Foam Lance If:

  • You have a pressure washer, power and hose

    The Snow Foam Lances are specifically for pressure washers. They attach on like any other connector and use the pressure to create a thick foam on your car that sits on for 5-10 minutes before rinsing is necessary. You do get the benefits of having a pressure washer to rinse also when done.

  • You have a decent amount of space to wash your car

    Being quite thick foam and at high pressure, the Snow Foam Lance can overspray. If this is something that can be avoided, the lance is for you.

  • You want thick foam

    High pressure washers starting at 1600psi provide enough pressure to provide the thick blanket of foam that many car detailers and enthusiasts desire. The Snow Foam will cling on the car for 5 - 10 minutes.

  • You have time to setup your pressure washer

    Not everyone has plenty of time to car wash. If you have a good 30 minutes to an hour at least to setup your pressure washer, then the lance is for you. Better yet if your pressure washer is ready to go and all you need to do is setup the lance then you can simply setup your lance and start foaming away. If you are time poor, the lance may not be for you as compared to the Snow Foam Gun.

Setup: High Pressure washer +  Hose +  Power Outlet + Snow Foam Lance + Snow Foam Detergent

Foam Thickness: High – 5 – 10 minutes dwell time.

Snow Foam Gun 


The Snow Foam Gun connects to your regular garden hose making the Snow Foam Gun a very popular item along with the Snow Foam Lance. By simply attaching to your garden hose, this means setup and pack away time is drastically reduced.

Use the Snow Foam Gun if:

  • You don’t have a lot of time to wash

If you’re all about speed and don’t have time to setup a pressure washer, the Snow Foam Gun is for you. The Snow Foam Gun is like your regular garden hose trigger gun except it has a dedicated compartment for your Snow Foam Detergent to sit in. Plug and Play and you’ll be Snow Foaming in no time.

  • You don’t mind not having extremely thick foam but still want suds

The Snow Foam Gun does not shoot out foam as thick as the Snow Foam Lance but does produce the results with the consistency of a high suds bucket wash that is shot onto your car through a pull of a trigger. The foam will still sit on the car and will last 3-7 minutes on the car on average. The foam thickness is based on your garden hose pressure and the settings you have on the adjustable dial on the Snow Foam Gun.

  • You dislike packing up

The Snow Foam Gun does not require any power or external machinery to function leaving you with the ability to turn the hose on, setup your gun and Snow Foam away onto your car. When done, roll away your hose, unplug the gun and you’re done!

Setup:  Hose + Snow Foam Gun + Snow Foam Detergent

Foam Thickness: Medium -  Wet Foam – 3 – 7 minutes dwell time.

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