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Snow Foam Wash Mitt

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For the fussy ones (the ones who accept nothing touching their car but quality materials that won't induce swirl mark) this Wash Mitt is for you!

Dirt being moved around on your paintwork by human contact is one of the biggest factors toward causing swirl marks. With car care technology continually improving with time, so has how we care for our car's paintwork. 

Opting for a Snow Foam Microfibre Wash Mitt is a safe option for your next car wash. First a Snow Foam Pre-Wash, followed by a two bucket car wash method, is best partnered with the Snow Foam Wash Mitt. Its noodle design traps dirt from your paintwork and removes it from the paint's surface to avoid scrubbing your car with dirts capable of scratching. 

Being able to retain plenty of suds whilst being super soft and fitting like a glove, your hands will love you, car will love you and time will be saved.

A win win wash mitt in our books. 


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