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    Snow Foam Twister Drying Towel


    If Snow Foam is Batman, Then This Is Robin.

    Why jeopardise your safe car washing procedure with less-than-average drying techniques? Now You Don't Have To!

    You've Snow Foamed, You've Scrubbed, You've Rinsed. It's Now Time To Safely Dry Your Car.

    Over our years of experience, we understand that the drying process is equally as important for a swirl-free finish as washing with Snow Foam.

    After months of research, we worked with some of Australia's top car detailers who have been in the industry for years, and got that our requirements for drying methods needed to possess:

    • Speed
      To minimise effort & maximise effectiveness in reducing dried water-spots
      Dry Your Car In Minutes (if not Seconds)
    • High Quality Materials
      To best minimise swirl marks and maximise absorption of as much water as possible with the ability to wring it out for ongoing use.
      Ultra Soft Twisted Loop Fibres - One of the strongest types on the market
    • Be Appropriately Sized
      To cover a large surface area thus reducing effort.
      Extra large sizes up to 70x90cm
    • Reusability
      To buy once and not worry, reduce waste, save time and money.
      Dry multiple cars at once

    • Affordability
      To not break the bank in order to keep your car in pristine condition

    With these intentions in mind, we have formulated the Snow Foam Twister Drying Towel which we believe is Batman's Robin. Team up your Snow Foaming procedure with the correct drying methods and you'll have a safe, fast and fun car washing method from start to finish.

    Try it for yourself today!