Clear Two Bucket Wash Kit & Dolly

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Swirls..Our biggest nightmare that ruins the depth, clarity and shine on our paintwork. In our quest for the safest car washing methods, our Clear Two Bucket Wash Kit plays a vital role in reducing dirt transfer from panel to panel. 

Traditional coloured buckets look aesthetic, but they also are dark internally and hide the true cleanliness of the water beneath the layer of suds. The Clear Two Bucket Wash Kit allows you to constantly see the true clarity of the water we are dipping our mitts into, getting us another step closer to the safest car wash process possible.

  • Made from Sturdy Clear Polycarbonate Plastic
  • Two Handles for easy transport
  • 18L capacity
  • Accurately fill the buckets to the correct fill levels
  • Constantly be aware of the level of dirtiness of your water
  • One Wash, One Rinse Labelled Buckets
  • Grit Guards lock in dirt to the bottom of the buckets
  • Dolly system allows for minimal lifting and easier movement when washing around the car
  • Wheel Lock System
  • Wheel Brush Holder
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2 x 18L Clear Wash Bucket (RRP $150)
One for rinse water and one for wash water 
2 x Grit/Dirt Guard (RRP 24.95)
Avoid dirt rising up into your wash bucket to best minimise your chances of your wash mitt attracting dirt and applying it onto your car. 
2 x Bucket Dollys (RRP $139.90)
Avoid carrying heavy buckets around your car. Equipped with holder for wheel brushes.
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Total Package Value: $314.85