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    Black - Trim Restorer

    A new formulation for bringing darkness to your black exterior trims for longer. 

    Restore pigment to black exterior plastics, vinyl, & rubber trims. Suitable for revitalizing bumpers, guards, mirror housings, roof racks, wiper wells, and window trims. Perfect for the meticulous to get the brand new look back through the small details. 

    • Silicone Free
    • Up to 3 months effect
    • Easy-to-apply
    • Non-greasy 
    • True black tones after application

    Apply to clean and cool surfaces.

    1. Shake well before use.

    2. Apply a small amount to the applicator.

    3. Spread evenly until the surface is evenly coated.

    4. Allow a dwell time of 1 - 2 minutes.

    5. Wipe away any excess from the surface with a clean cloth.

    6. Allow drying for up to 1 hour to a natural new finishing look.