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Washing Your 4X4

1. Fourby Foam Pre-Wash Layer

Start with a layer of Fourby Foam in your Snow Foam Gun or Snow Foam Lance, with 100mL Fourby Foam with the 800ml of water in your gun, or 900mL of water in your Lance.

Fourby Foam is an alkaline cleaner (pH 9) with an ability to break down tougher dirt, mud, salts and sand from your car.

2. Rinse

After dwelling the foam for 5 - 10 minutes, rinse off as much of the dirt as possible.

3. Degrease, Reapply Foam & Scrub

Using Orange Heavy Duty Degreaser, spray any mud-heavy areas like wheel arches, mud flaps, bash plates to assist in breaking down stubborn dirt. Engine Bay cleaning can also be attended to here with Orange, ensuring to cover any important electricals.

Reapply Foam on your car, and proceed to a two-bucket wash method, cleaning panel by panel with your wash mitt being cleaned after each panel.

4. Underbody Cleaning (Pressure Washer Owners)

Using the Underbody Cleaner, attach it to your pressure washer and wheel it back and forth slowly to cover each section of your underbody.

You can also opt to put Fourby Foam into your pressure washer's soap canister and run it through the Underbody Cleaner.

5. Rinse, Dry & Protect

Rinse the car thoroughly and apply Shield Spray whilst wet then dry. For larger cars, try Shield Concentrate through your Snow Foam Lance.

If you prefer a dry apply protection, you can opt for Ceramic Detailer after drying instead.

The best towels we recommend are our Twister Drying Towel and our Hybrid Drying Towels.

These items can all be found in our Fourby Foam Above & Below Kit.

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