When you fail to plan, you plan to fail. 

Many a time when it comes to going on leisurely drives it takes a whole lot of commitment, planning and, of course, petrol. Petrol in the form of effort - and lots of it. It is required to not only organise yourself but also others to simply rock up and get going. 

Nature always seems to do its thing - separating the committed from the non-committed. On an overcast Sydney Sunday morning with perfect sleep-in weather, it was a handpicked few who overcame the temptation to hit snooze and instead chose to kickstart their day with a bit more oomph.

Life always gets filled with so many factors and obstacles that has us label ourselves as "busy". At times the world keeps handing us with things to do, things to pay off, memes to watch, things to touch and food to gram. But in this ever so hectic life that is lived, especially as a Sydney-siders, you tend to forget that if you stopped and took a break from it, perhaps you could remember that like everyone else, that there is a life to be lived.

So on the rare occasion that it all comes together, you get this: The feeling of adrenaline as your hands grip your steering wheel that little bit tighter; the cheekiness that sweeps across your face as you make loud popping and cracking noises; and the excitement that overcomes you as you push the limits - the limits that only a certain few can appreciate as the rushing ferocity of wind dances alongside you.

This feeling is one that cannot be bought but can be created. It can be created by like-minded individuals coming together through sharing a passion and being totally committed to it. Being themselves in a world that tells them to be like everyone else. 

Since establishing in 2013, Snow Foam's vision is to "create more appreciation in the world" and on this occasion, the crew at MCC.AUS were the handpicked few who resonated completely with our long term vision. With breakfast at Saddles, followed by a bit of fun at Quarry Road Tunnel, it looked something like this: 


Special thanks to Annie & the MCC.AUS crew for the more than pleasurable morning. Be sure to follow us @snowfoamau & MCC.AUS - Stay tuned for more Foamers. 

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