A sunny day out on the water shouldn't be met with the tedious job of washing your watercraft, just to keep it in check. It's important to protect your vehicles and watercraft with Salt Cleanse to remove any salt deposits that may cause rusting, corrosion or damage. Visually, salt deposits cause an unsightly staining and must be removed after a day out of the water or when driving through salt water.

Our new advanced formula is layered onto your 4x4, trailers and watercraft and rinsed off to dissolve salt off onto the ground. Teamed up with your Snow Foam Gun or Snow Foam Lance, you'll have the right tools to safely store your toys ready to go for your next adventure.

Snow Foam It!

Dilute 100ml with water into your Snow Foam Lance or Gun

Dwell It!

Let the cleansing begin, rest Salt Cleanse on for 30 - 60 seconds.

Rinse It!

Thoroughly rinse off all the salt deposits off. Repeat the process with agitation for stubborn stains.