How Does Snow Foam Work?

You've driven for weeks and you're in need of a wash. Now take a soapy sponge and rub it against your paintwork whilst dry and dirty. All the dirts will slide across your paintwork causing abrasion and micro-scratches. Our goal is to minimise these swirl marks.

Snow Foam is the process of layering on a blanket of foam on to your car, bike or truck to loosen dirt and grime before physically scrubbing, to ultimately prevent the creation of swirl marks and hazing on your paintwork.

Applied by Snow Foam Lance (pressure washer powered) or Snow Foam Gun ( garden hose powered), spray a layer of foam from bottom up onto your vehicle and let it sit for 5 - 10 minutes. The Snow Foam Detergent will dissolve as much dirts, grime and other contaminants on your paint allow you to rinse it off your car. This will allow you to now go over the stubborn dirt areas on your car with a soft microfibre wash mitt available from our Exterior Range, knowing that you're minimising your chances of inducing swirl marks and hazing on your paint. 

With swirls being caused by incorrect drying methods also, we now cater for a completely safe clean from start to finish. With traditional chamois towels now a thing of the past, we've introduced new Waffle Weave and Twister Drying Towels capable of quickly, safely and easily being able to dry your car. 

To make your experience with us even easier, we have put together our starter, premium and supreme car care packages to allow you to get started with Snow Foam. These packages don't just stop at the exterior of the car as we have a range of quality-crafted interior products to keep the cockpit as clean as possible.  

View below to see how our range of products can assist your next wash. 



Snow Foam
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  • Snow Foam Lance
  • Snow Foam Lance
  • Snow Foam Lance
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