Setting Up A Snow Foam Lance

Snow Foam Lance


1. Using the plumber's tape, cover the thread of the male-to-male adaptor, three to five times over. Do this on both ends of the adaptor.

2. Screw the adaptor you have received onto the male-to-male connector then screw into the Snow Foam Lance. Attach the tube to the bottom of the brass Lance head and ensure it is tight. 

3. If you are using a pressure washer with less than 1800W power, replace the inlet inside the lance with the replacement inlet. Best to test the Lance with the existing one before changing.

4. Fill the Lance with 900mL water and 100mL of Snow Foam Detergent, ensuring the top dial is set toward negative ( clockwise) for thickest foam and the end nozzle is adjusted to how you want it to spray.