[GP-COPY] Efoamer



dump the pump

& FOam Instantly.

E-FOAMER IN THE GARAGE: Whether it be your car, bike, boat or quadbike, load it up and foam away!

E-FOAMER IN THE WORKSHOP: Great for window cleaning, window tinting, vinyl wrapping, PPF application, car washing and detailing, wet sanding or mechanical jobs.

E-FOAMER IN THE HOME: Clean bathrooms, windows and kitchens or take it outside to maintain your garden!

How Does The E-FOAMER Work? 

The Snow Foam E-Foamer makes washing simple. Charge it up using the provided USB charger into a 9V or 5V charger, Fill it up with your favourite cleaning solution and turn it on. The E-Foamer will start to compress the air in the bottle, and in 30 seconds, you'll be ready to spray thick foam onto your car, bike, boat or even your household kitchen or bathrooms. 

What Are The Different Spray Modes?

With the E-Foamer, you can spray foam or spray a mist of your favourite cleaning products without a single pump. Simply switch the end sprayer nozzles to either the foam nozzle or the spray nozzle. You will also need to attach the foam connector to the drawing tube. Charge it up and get cleaning!

How Much Solution Should I Be Using? 

The Snow Foam E-Foamer has been thoroughly tested over the past 12 months to ensure we could use it with many different types of chemical cleaners to work on different applications. For the best results:

Snow Foam Detergent: 1:35 or 50mL Snow Foam Detergent to 1.75L Water
Purple Iron Decontaminant: 1:5 or 300mL Purple to 1.5L Water

All Purpose Cleaner 

Heavy Cleaning : ~1:5 or 300mL APC to 1.5L Water

Light Cleaning: ~1:10 or 164mL to 1.64L Water

Is There Warranty?

Yes! There is a 12 month warranty on our Snow Foam E-Foamers. The product is lithium-ion battery powered and we do recommend reading all the safety instructions before use to ensure the longevity of the unit. 

Simply contact us at support@snowfoam.com.au or call us on 1300 208 507

Is it compliant to Australian Standards?

The E-Foamer has been independently tested and complies with the requirements imposed or covered by regulations in Australia and New Zealand.