Maintenance is key for Ceramic Coated Cars.

Ceramic coatings can provide excellent protection and shine for your car's paint, but they require proper care to maintain their effectiveness.

You've invested in ceramic coating for your car and it's now time to keep it maintained for years to come. Let's look into the do's and don't for ceramic coated cars and our ready-to-go kits for maintaining your paint.


  • Wash Regularly - We believe having a good washing routine makes a world of difference. Washing at least once every two to three weeks is ideal if driving regularly. Use a pH Neutral detergent like Snow Foam Detergent and Snow Foam Berry Thick to not degrade the ceramic coating.

  • Pre-Wash Before Contact Washing Ensure a layer of Snow Foam is used to take off as much contaminants on the paint before physically scrubbing the car clean. Ceramic coating will assist this process to take more off the car in a touchless way.

    Use a Snow Foam Gun, Lance or E-Foamer to apply a layer of foam for pre-washing
  • Use Proper Washing Techniques - Use a high-quality microfiber wash mitt to wash your car gently. Avoid scrubbing vigorously, as this can potentially create micro-scratches.

    Best Products: Snow Cloud Wash Mitt or Noodle Mitt
  • Use a Dedicated Drying Towel Drying your car can create micro-scratches if you use any old towel or chamois. A drying towel that is washed correctly will feel soft and clean as well as absorb water, rather than repel it.

    Twister Drying Towel or Hybrid Towel, washed with Microfibre Wash, left to dry in the shade.
  • Use An SiO2 Based Sealant Over time, dirt, grime, over-washing, rain and other external elements can degrade the effectiveness of your ceramic coating. By using a Ceramic Booster, you can replenish the SiO2 particles to bring back the hydrophobic layer.

    Snow Foam Shield Spray or Shield Concentrate used with a Snow Foam Lance to be used when the car is clean, but still wet from rinsing.
  • Perform A Decontamination Wash Every 3 - 6 months, it's ideal to perform a full decontamination wash. Use Purple on your paintwork to remove any iron deposits and wash thoroughly before applying a layer of Snow Foam Shield.

    Purple The Paintwork followed by Snow Foam Shield
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  • Don't Let Contaminants Sit: Promptly remove bird droppings, tree sap, bug splatter, or other contaminants to prevent potential damage to the coating.

    Solutions: Spot Clean With All Purpose Cleaner or Waterless Wash. Better yet, conduct a full car wash.
  • Don't Use Automatic Car Washes Automated car washes with brushes can be abrasive and potentially damage the ceramic coating. They also use chemicals that are made to take off as much dirt and grime off for the standard car owner, not one who has invested into ceramic coating.

    Wash by hand or Call a Detailer to conduct a maintenance wash
  • Don't Be Tempted by Dealership Free Washes When you take your car in for regular servicing, inform the dealership to not wash the car. Plenty of occurrences have seen defect free cars be filled with swirl marks and hazing after a service as their free wash service is usually not conducted by professionals.

    Ask dealerships for a "do not wash" sign to be hung on the internal mirror
  • Don't Use Wax-Based Products Ceramic Coating has pores that can be blocked by waxes. Be sure to use a wax-free washing detergent and avoid spray waxes. Better to use SIO2 based products like Ceramic Detailer or Quick Detailer.

    Ceramic Detailer both leaves a shine and reintroduced SiO2 to your paintwork for better hydrophobicity and shine.
  • Wash or Dry In Direct Sunlight Ceramic Coating can produce water marks when water isn't properly dried off the car. Dry completely and ensure you wash and dry in the shade, on a cool day to best avoid this.

    Pick the right day and time to wash to avoid unwanted water marks
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Usually Wash With A Garden Hose ?

We understand that a pressure washer setup isn't for everyone. If you want to use a regular garden hose, opt for the Snow Foam Gun.

Use A Pressure Washer To Wash?

Opt for the Snow Foam Lance or Snow Foam OG+ Lance to wash your ceramic coated cars.

Better Maintain Your Ceramic Coating