Step by Step Guide To Washing Your Car Safely Using Snow Foam™

A safe yet efficient method of washing your car comes from the right method and right tools. Let's get foaming!

1. Clean Your Interior

Cleaning the interior first will ensure you don't need to go into your car after the floor is wet and your shoes are dirty. It also means any vacuum cleaners won't need to sit in water lying around the car. Our All In Interior Kit includes everything you need to get this job done easily.

Interior Collection

2. Wheel Cleaning

Clean Your Wheels.
Baked on brake dust should be tackled first with Purple Iron Brake Dissolver and/or Wheel Cleaner.

We have a wide range of wheel brushes and tyre brushes to assist in making this process easier.

Finish off with Tyre Shine or Tyre Gel.

Wheel Cleaning Collection

3. Snow Foam Pre-Wash

Scrubbing a dirty car is the worst thing to do first. Apply a layer of Snow Foam using the Snow Foam Gun, Lance or E-Foamer with our premium Snow Foam Detergents.

We have our pH Neutral Snow Foam Detergent and Berry Thick Detergent along with our alkaline Fourby Foam and Marine Washing Salt Cleanse available.

Let this layer drag as much dirt as possible off to the ground before rinsing and moving to step 4: contact washing.

Picking The Right Snow Foam Applicator

Use a Garden Hose?
Select the Snow Foam Gun.

Use a Pressure Washer?
Select the Snow Foam Lance or OG+ Lance

Want to go Portable?
Select the E-Foamer

Snow Foam Detergent & Applicators

4. Contact Wash

For ceramic coated vehicles, you want to stick to pH Neutral and si02 based products. Look for Snow Foam Detergent and along with Waterless Wash.

For non-coated vehicles, you can choose the options above along with opting for wax-based products like Gloss Wash Shampoo.

Contact Washing Collection

5. Rinse & Protect

Once you've rinsed the car, you've got options on whether you want to protect using a wet-applied product like Shield Spray. Apply when wet and rinse thoroughly to enjoy a hydrophobic finish.

Alternatively, you can rinse the car, dry the car and apply protectants such as Ceramic Detailer or Spray Wax to get that perfect shining finish.

Protect & Restore Collection

6. Drying The Car

Using any old towel for drying your car will simply undo all your hard work. A dedicated Microfibre Drying Towel is what you need to get the job done safely and effectively.

We have the Twister Drying Towel & Hybrid Drying Towel along with our Waffle Weave Drying Towels to get your car dry, not scratched.

Drying Towel Collection

7. Windows, Trims & Finishers

Grab Clear Window Cleaner and work both the interior and exterior windows. For any black trims, now is a good time to use BLACK Trim Restorer and bring back to life any sun-faded plastics and rubbers.

To complete the look, Tyre Gel or Tyre Shine can be used when the tyres are dry.

Your car is now cleaner than ever!

Finishing Touch Collection

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