Snow Foam Lance OG+ Ceramic Care Package

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You want to focus on cleaning chemicals that are safe for your coating, yet effective for removal dirt, grime and grease? 

Snow Foam OG+ Ceramic Care Package is what you need to get your ceramic coated car looking its best with the help of your pressure washer. 

Things to look out for:

  • Cleaning chemicals with pH Neutral (pH 7) to not weaken or remove any coating
  • Avoid Waxes that may interrupt the coating's properties
  • Chemicals with containing si02 to better boost the hydrophobic properties
What you get:
  1. Snow Foam OG+ Lance ($104.95)
  2. Snow Foam Detergent / Berry Thick ($29.95 - $229.95) 
  3. Snow Foam Twister Towel ($37.95)
  4. Snow Foam Snow Cloud Wash Mitt ($24.95)
  5. Microfibre Wheel Brush ($24.95)
  6. Snow Foam Purple Iron Brake Dust Dissolver ($24.95)
  7. Snow Foam Shield Hydrophobic Spray ($29.95)
  8. Ceramic Detailer ($29.95)

    Save over 20% when you purchase the OG+ Ceramic Care Package 

You'll love Berry Thick and Purple being pH Neutral yet strong cleaners and Shield which contains Si02 to help boost the hydrophobic properties on your paint. With Shield, water and dirt will have a harder time sticking to your paint as it will repel off your car when rinsed. 

How To Use It?

The Ceramic Care Package sets you upon a whole-encompassing car wash experience from start to finish. From pre-washing with the OG+ Lance and Berry Thick Detergent to contact washing with the Snow Cloud Mitt followed by a spray of Purple on your wheels and the new Microfibre Wheel Brush. Finish it off with Shield Hydrophobic Spray for months of protection and once rinsed off, dry it with the highly raved Twister Towel.

This package includes a FREE Detailing Brush Set, perfect for interior and exterior detailing tasks such as lug nuts, badges, engine bay, or air con vents.

What's Included

Snow Foam OG+ Lance
Detergent / Berry Thick
Twister Towel
Noodle Wash Mitt
5 Finger Wheel Wash Glove
Detailing Brush

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Snow Foam Lance OG+ Ceramic Care Package
Snow Foam Lance OG+ Ceramic Care Package
Snow Foam Lance OG+ Ceramic Care Package
Snow Foam Lance OG+ Ceramic Care Package
Snow Foam Lance OG+ Ceramic Care Package
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