Short Wand & Nozzle Adaptor Kit

Pressure Washer attachments are usually too long to handle with a single hand making it uncomfortable to clean the smaller areas of your car.

With our new Short Wand Adaptor & Nozzle Kit, convert your old attachments into a shorter wand with the ability to use 1/4 inch quick connect adaptors.

Switch between a Snow Foam Lance (with 1/4 inch quick connector) and one of five of our included nozzles each specifically designed for different spraying patterns.

To top this, the shorter wand length and lighter setup means one handed rinsing to target wheel barrels, angling up into wheel arches and reaching the dirt from your undercarriage.

Simply select the pressure washer brand you own and we will provide the kit you need to make your own short wand extension. 

Need to convert your existing Snow Foam Lance to a 1/4 Inch Quick Connect? Find it here