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ALL UNDER CONTROL. Perfect cleaner for those hard-to-reach places, where dirt sleeps.

Sick of laying on the floor trying to dislodge all the dirt and mud from you undercarriage? This is a must-have for every 4x4 and car owner who demand top to bottom cleaning. 

The all new Snow Foam Underbody Cleaner V2 utilises the power of your pressure washer in an easy-to-use dual-wheeled underbody pressure cleaner. Simply attach to your own pressure washer and wheel along the underside of your vehicle to remove dirt, grime, sand, mud and oil. 

Perfect for the Aussie who loves to off-road, whether it’s bush bashing, dune climbing or beach runs, the Snow Foam Underbody Cleaner V2 will make sure your chassis and underbody stay in tip-top condition, so you can focus on enjoying the terrain.

Underbody Cleaner V2 Upgrades:

  • All new smaller frame and wheels to cater for standard cars and lifted 4WDs
  • Added third wheel for easy swivelling and control whilst cleaning
  • Smaller frame yet maintains high pressure capable of strong upward spray
  • Optional extension rod with 5 sprayer nozzles 

No more bending backwards for your vehicle - start cleaning with convenience today.  

How To Use The Underbody Cleaner? 

Simply sweep forward and back underneath your car or 4WD whilst holding the pressure washer trigger. Repeat on both sides, front and back. 

How Do I Connect It To My Pressure Washer? 

Select your pressure washer from the dropdown menu and we'll provide an adaptor from your brand's connection shape to a 1/4 inch quick connect adaptor. This is the same adaptor provided in our Short Wand Kit. 

If you're currently using a Short Trigger Gun or already use a 1/4 inch quick connect trigger, simply select 1/4 inch quick connect in the dropdown menu. 


  • Maximum pressure - 3200 psi
  • 2x 40cm straight extension wand
  • 39cm 45-degree curved wand
  • Stainless steel
  • Dual-wheeled
  • 1/4 Inch Quick Connections
  • Smaller Wheels for all car sizes along with 4WD
  • Smaller Frame Maintaining 4 Powerful Pressure Sprayers
  • 12 Month Warranty

    The Underbody Cleaner V2 is a 5 part product, excluding the adaptor. Adding an extension wand will enable users to be even further upright whilst cleaning the undercarriage. 


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Underbody Cleaner V2
Underbody Cleaner V2
Underbody Cleaner V2
Underbody Cleaner V2
Underbody Cleaner V2
Underbody Cleaner V2
Underbody Cleaner V2
Underbody Cleaner V2
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