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Snow Foam Clay Bars

Step 1. Spray lubricant (Spray wax or Snow Foam) onto clean car.

Step 2. Glide clay over surface to remove contaminants

Step 3. Clay bar one panel at a time

"Perfect, picked up contamination quickly and efficiently." - Shane M.

Run your finger on your paintwork and feel the smooth, shiny finish after using SnowFoam Clay Bars

If your car is yet to be detailed, paint protected or even waxed, your experience when running your finger over your paintwork may not feel smooth. It may be harsh, bumpy and unpleasant

Thankfully there is a solution. Snow Foam Clay Bars. An affordable, do-it-yourself way toward enhancing the gloss on your paintwork

Available in three grades (fine, medium and heavy) simply Snow Foam your car fully ensuring it is as clean as possible. With a layer of Snow Foam, tear an appropriately sized amount of Snow Foam Clay Bar and mould it into circular, patty-like shape. 

Run the Snow Foam Clay Bar across your lubricated paintwork doing one section at a time. Feel the treated areas and continue to fold over the clay bar as dirt is absorbed into the clay

This should leave you with a finish that is smooth and glossy allowing you to move toward cutting, polishing and paint protecting.

Blue (Fine) - Car has light dirt build up.

Purple (Medium) - Car has moderate dirt build up.

Red (Heavy) - Car has heavy dirt build up.

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