Snow Foam Underbody Cleaner

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For those hard-to-reach places where dirt sleeps.

Sick of bending or kneeling down to spray off all the dirt and mud from underneath your 4x4? A must-have for every 4x4 and car owner who demand a top to bottom clean. 

The new Snow Foam Underbody Cleaner utilises the power of your pressure washer in an easy-to-use dual-wheeled underbody pressure cleaner. Simply attach to your own pressure washer and wheel along the underside of your vehicle to remove dirt, grime, sand, mud and oil. 

Perfect for the Aussie who loves to off-road, whether it’s bush bashing, dune climbing or beach runs, the Snow Foam Underbody Cleaner will make sure your chassis and underbody stay tip-top so you can focus on enjoying the terrain.

No more bending backwards for your vehicle - start cleaning with convenience today. 

Floor Cleaner

After all your dirt has dislodged from underneath your car, simply flip the Snow Foam Underbody Cleaner around and use it as a floor sweeper. The spray heads will angle down allowing you to guide the dirt onto nearby grass. 


  • Maximum pressure - 3200 psi
  • 2x 40cm straight extension wand
  • 39cm 45-degree curved wand
  • Stainless steel
  • Dual-wheeled
  • Swivel between underbody cleaning and driveway cleaner