The Snow Foam Lance VS The Snow Foam Gun

What is the difference between the Snow Foam Lance and Gun?

The Snow Foam Lance

The Snow Foam Lance connects to your high pressure washer and provides a thick foam for the ultimate pre-wash for your car. With a variety of connectors available for many different pressure washer brands, simply unscrew your existing sprayer on your pressure cleaner and replace with the Snow Foam Lance.

Foam Thickness

With only 100mL of Snow Foam Detergent, The Snow Foam Lance provides the thick foam that sits on the car for 5 - 10 minutes. Be sure to do so in the shade to ensure that the foam doesn't sit on your car and dry in the sun.  

Adjustable Settings

The top dial on the Snow Foam Lance adjusts the water-to-detergent ratio. Twist towards negative ( - ) for less water flow and more detergent from your lance bottle.. Twist toward positive (+) for more water flow and less detergent from your lance bottle.  

The end nozzle can be rotated to open the fan sprayer from a wide spray to a jet sprayer. You want to use the wide spray for your car's panels getting an even coverage starting from the bottom to the top. Adjust the end nozzle to a jet sprayer to get into harder to reach areas such as wheels and wheel arches. 

Who is the Lance best for? 

If you regularly wash your car with a pressure washer, the Snow Foam Lance is best for you. Easily foam with the Snow Foam Lance, replace the lance with your regular rinsing attachments and you can easily perform a weekend wash in no time. 

Things To Consider:

Space: Ensure you have enough space to Snow Foam? 

Shade: Is shade available when Snow Foaming? Not required but recommended.

Power: Do you have access to a power point? 

Hose: Do you have access to a hose? 


The Snow Foam Gun

The Snow Foam Gun connects to your regular garden hose to provide a wet Snow Foam. Without the need to setup a pressure washer, users are able to start washing their car's quickly. 

Gun Foam Thickness

The lack of pressure from a garden hose means the foam thickness is a wet foam. It will sit on your car for a maximum of 5 minutes. 

For best results, use a tap that has a high flow rate, especially ones closest to ground level and use a hose that is as thick as possible. 

Gun Adjustable Settings

The Snow Foam Lance has 3 ways of using it. 

1.The top dial has 6 different foaming ratios. Set it to the preferred thickness by spinning the dial to the different letter from A to E or 0 to 5. 

2. Take off the black end nozzle and the Snow Foam Gun works as a jet sprayer to get into the smaller areas like wheels and wheel arches. 

3. Take off the Snow Foam Gun and use the handle to rinse the car once you've finished Snow Foaming.  

Who is the Gun best for? 

The Snow Foam Gun is best for those who don't currently use a pressure washer to wash and don't intend to purchase a pressure washer in the near future. 

By keeping the hand trigger on our garden hose systems, we can fill the bottle up with 100mL of Snow Foam Detergent then 800mL of warm water then connect it quickly to our hand trigger. Simply turn the tap on, point the gun toward your car and off you go. 

This is best for those wanting to wash quickly, with minimal setup and minimal pack up times. The Snow Foam Gun Premium or Supreme packages allow you to use the gun in conjunction with the Snow Foam Wash Mitt for a quick wash. 



 Snow Foam Gun Snow Foam Lance
Connects to Garden Hose

Connects to Pressure Washer

Non-Adjustable Fan spray

Adjustable Fan Spray

Adjustable Foaming Ratio

Adjustable Foaming Ratio

900mL Bottle 1000mL Bottle
Wet Suds Foam lasts 5 minutes on car Thick Foam lasts 5 - 10 minutes on car
2 Year Warranty 2 Year Warranty
Starts at $84.95 Starts at $94.95

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