The Quickest & Thickest Foam.


Cost Efficient Car Washing

Only 100mL Per Wash

The Snow Foam OG+ Lance requires only 100mL of our Snow Foam Detergent range. Diluted with 900mL of water, it makes for cost efficient washing.

One layer on a standard sedan will usually only require half the bottle of solution, enough for prewash and contact washing.

Thick & Quick

Full Coverage In Seconds

When you apply Snow Foam with your pressure washer and OG+ Lance, you're able to cover your entire vehicle fast.

The thick foam will sit on your car for 5 - 10 minutes giving you time to attend your wheels or brushing your vents, badges or window seals.

Snow Foam Lance + Short Trigger

The Ultimate Pressure Washer Setup

Pairs Perfectly With The Short Trigger Gun

Standard pressure washers come with a long, heavy trigger gun as usually they cater for house cleaning.

When you team a Short Trigger Gun and an OG+ Lance, you'll be able to foam fast and accurately as well as rinse harder to reach areas.

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Unbox & Setup: Short Trigger Gun

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How Do You Setup And Use A Snow Foam Short Trigger Gun?

When purchasing a Short Trigger Gun, you'll receive the adaptors required to fit the Short Trigger Gun to your pressure washer.

The Short Trigger Gun attaches to the hose of your existing pressure washer, so first we will need to detach any existing spray trigger guns.

From here:

  1. Identify the M22 14mm (thicker side walls) and use the PTFE tape on the threads.

    Attach this to the bottom of the Short Trigger Gun.
  2. You'll then see either an adaptor in a clear plastic bag or cardboard cube box, attach this to the end of the M22 we just attached.
  3. Find the gold quick connect female adaptor and thread tape the thread. Attach this to the Short Trigger Gun's tip.
  4. Connect your pressure washer's hose to the end
  5. Pull back the gold quick connect female adaptor, attaching either your OG+ Lance or 5 coloured nozzles.

    Ensure that any attachment is fully secured before turning on the pressure washer and firing.
Is My Pressure Washer Compatible?

If you see your pressure washer model range in the drop down below, we have an adaptor for you.

If you want to confirm or are unsure, please contact our team using the chat feature, email us at or call us on 1300 208 507.

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Do I Still Scrub The Car?

The Snow Foam system of washing focuses on swirl-avoidance over contact-avoidance.

We still scrub the car to dislodge stubborn dirt that the touchless pre-wash isn't able to remove. We do so with more confidence knowing a wash mitt isn't directly trying to forcefully wipe multiple layers of dirt like that of conventional washing methods.

The most important thing you can do to get the best results is to start with the best quality products. All snow foam products aren’t the same.

Do I need to use Snow Foam's Detergents?

Our snow foam lance and detergents are made to work together efficiently. Once you mix the detergent with water as instructed, attach it to the pressure washer and adjust the dial to the preferred foaming consistency.

When using other brand's detergents, you may need to use more solution to achieve the same results which can become costly in the long run. Our Snow Foam Detergents are highly concentrated and require only 100mL per 900mL of water.

How Long Do I Leave Snow Foam On For?

Leave Snow Foam on for at least 5 minutes avoiding any sunlight if possible.

As a general rule, you want to rinse the first layer off before it dries onto the paint.

Does the Snow Foam Lance and Gun spray the same thick foam?

No, the Snow Foam Gun is specifically for garden hose use. Garden hoses provide around 50psi of pressure, which isn't enough for extremely thick foam. Instead the Gun shoots a wet foam similar to the consistency of a bucket wash. 

For the thickest foam available, please see our Snow Foam Lance options which require a pressure washer to accompany it. We recommend a 1800psi+ pressure washer with 8L/min flow rate. 

How Do The Kits Work?

Plugs straight into your pretty washer trigger to apply a thick coating of foam to pre-wash and contact wash your vehicles.

Lance Kit Guide:

Starter Kit: Snow Foam Lance + Detergent
Premium Kit: Starter Kit + Wash Mitt + Drying Towel
Supreme Kit: Premium Kit + Car Care Chemical
Ultimate Kit: Start To Finish Vehicle Cleaning Kit