What's Best For Your Wheels?


Wheel Cleaner

OEM Wheels? Choose Wheel Cleaner

Wheel Cleaner is an alkaline based cleaner, which is highly effective against brake dust on clear coated wheels. OEM Wheels on modern cars have clear coat making it a great, yet affordable option for your wheel cleaning routine. Like all cleaners, test on inconspicuous area before proceeding.

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OEM or Aftermarket Wheels? Pick Purple.

Purple Brake Dust Dissolver is pH Neutral, making it safe for all wheel types including OEM and Aftermarket Wheels. Purple is an iron decontaminant, and bleeds purple when in contact with iron deposits from your brake pads and from the road. Like all cleaners, test on inconspicous area before proceeding.

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Tyre Gel

Sleek Satin Finish? Time For Tyre Gel

Appled by a tyre applicator, Tyre Gel is a thicker solution, used to create a sleek, satin finish. Enthusiasts like to use Tyre Gel over Tyre Shine as it tends not to fling up as much when driving.

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Tyre Shine

Like the Wet Look? Select Tyre Shine.

Our Tyre Shine is a water-based solution, applied by spray bottle. A quick and mess-free way to dress your tyres after a good wash. Some enthusiasts will choose tyre shine for its wet look, but can fling when driving.

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