Snow Foam Lance + Pressure Washer

How To Get Maximum Foam with your Snow Foam Lance

1. Fill Snow Foam Lance with 100mL of Snow Foam Detergent and the rest warm water. Connect this to a pressure washer preferably above 1800psi and 8L/pm flow rate. If you have a machine with lower than 1800psi, swap out the included 1.25mm inlet for the 1.1mm inlet. 

2. Ensuring the tube is connected tightly to the Snow Foam Lance head, screw the brass lance head onto the bottle and shake thoroughly. 

3. Adjust the top dial clockwise toward negative (less water, more deteregnt) for thicker results and adjust the end red nozzle to your spray pattern from wide to a jet sprayer. We prefer to have the metal spray plates about 2mm apart. 

4. Spray from bottom up, ensuring the dirtiest areas are fully covered. 

5. Rinse, check your paint and if required, spray another layer and scrub with a wash mitt using a two-bucket method of wash. 

6. Dry with appropriate drying tools such as a waffle weave towel or a Snow Foam Twister Towel and follow up with protectants such as Snow Foam Spray Wax or our New Snow Foam Shield, a spray on ceramic-based sealant for instant water beading on your paint. 

Snow Foam Gun + Garden Hose

Cleaning With The Snow Foam Gun

Due to the pressure of a garden hose being significantly less than a pressure washer, there are still ways to get as much foam as possible on the Snow Foam Gun. The nature of the foam for a Snow Foam Gun is a wet foam, it is more runnier than the foam from a Snow Foam Lance although it does beat the lance on the convenience factor as it is a simple plug and play into your garden hose. 


Getting Started with the Snow Foam Gun

1. Fill your Gun bottle with 100mL of Snow Foam Detergent and the rest warm water.

2. Connect your Gun head onto the bottle and shake thoroughly. 

3. Using a thicker hose, connect this to the end of the Gun and adjust the top dial to "E" or "5" setting. 

4. Spray bottom to top ensure the dirtiest areas are thoroughly covered. We prefer foaming from the back to the front in large "Z" pattern until we reach the roof of the car.

Quick tip: Taking off the end foam nozzle allows a jet spray to get into wheel arches and hard to reach places. 

5. Release the Snow Foam Gun head from the trigger handle and rinse using the car. 

From here, you can repeat step 4 and proceed to lightly scrub panel by panel, cleaning your mitt as you go. A two-bucket-method kit along with a Snow Foam Gun allows for the safest wash possible.