What is Snow Foam?
Snow Foam is the process of applying a thick foam onto your car to safely slide off the initial layer of dirt and grime. This process is mainly used as a prewash technique to ensure that when a wash mitt is applied to your car, you're best avoiding scratching harsh dirts into your paintwork. The idea is to break down dirts, grime and grease off your car without physically touching it. Teamed up with a paint protection like ceramic coating, users can get toward a touch-less wash if dirts aren't stubborn and Snow Foaming occurs regularly. If dirt is still stubborn, you're chances of inducing swirl marks are lessened. What is the difference between the Snow Foam Lance & Snow Foam Gun Read the full article here
How To Use The Snow Foam Gun?
1. Fill the Snow Foam Gun bottle with 100mL of Snow Foam Detergent followed by 800mL of warm water.
2. Screw the Snow Foam Gun head onto the bottle, attach the end nozzle and hose trigger. Shake well.
3. Using the adjustable dial, the most foam is achieve at 0 (least water) and least foam at 5(most water).
4. Park your car in shade, preferably on grass and spray the car and leave to dwell for 5-10 minutes starting from the bottom sections of the car moving upwards.
5. Using a wash mitt, lightly scrub the car if needed and rinse well. Proceed to dry the car with a Snow Foam Twister Towel.
6. From here, you can continue using Snow Foam weekly or fortnightly for regularly used cars.
7. Rinse out the Snow Foam Gun by running straight water through it with no detergent and place in a shaded location for next use.
How To Use Snow Foam Lance?
1. Fill Snow Foam Lance bottle with 900mL of warm water followed by 100mL of Snow Foam Detergent.
2. Connect Snow Foam Lance head to bottle and attach it to your pressure washer. Adjust the top dial for different foaming rations and end nozzle for varying spray patterns.
3. Snow Foam your car in the shade covering it from bottom to the top. Leave to dwell for 5 - 10 minutes
4. Before the foam dries, rinse the foam off and follow it up with a light scrub with a wash mitt or a two-bucket car wash if necessary.
5. Proceed to dry the car with a Snow Foam Twister Drying Towel for a shiny, streak-free finish.
What Adaptor Do I Need For My Pressure Washer?
A lot of different brands of pressure washers use different connectors. Contact us through this page and we can happily assist in finding the right connector for your pressure washer.
Inlet Size 1.1mm vs 1.25mm
The Snow Foam Lance now comes with a spare 1.1mm inlet in a small ziploc bag.
The default inlet the lance comes with internally is the 1.25mm inlet. This is designed to handle from 1700 PSI to 5000 PSI, While the spare (1.1mm) inlet is designed to handle 1200PSI to 1700PSI.
Please be advised these pressure ranges are based on rated pressure and not maximum pressure. A majority of pressure washers are advertised with their maximum pressures.
Note: If the 1.25mm inlet is used with a pressure lower than 1700 PSI, the foam produced will be very runny due to not enough pressure.
If the 1.1mm inlet is used with a pressure higher than 1700PSI, foam will still be produced but the lance will pulsate during use.
To change out the inlet all you'll require is a spanner/wrench and a flat head screwdriver. The spanner/wrench is to twist off the adaptor from the lance head. Inside you'll be able to see the inlet that requires the flat head screwdriver to remove. Then all you'll need to do is swap the inlets and reattach the adaptor.
I don't have a pressure washer. Which product best works for Garden Hoses?
Our Snow Foam Gun is what you're looking for. It is designed specifically to be attached to the garden hose.
You can find it here: Snow Foam Gun
We also have our Packages here: Snow Foam Gun Packages

The Snow Foam Gun shoots a wetter foam than the Snow Foam Lance due to its lack of pressure. Please be sure this is what is desired before purchasing.
Can I use Snow Foam on my bike?
We've consulted multiple car and bike detailers and have gotten their approval that Snow Foam is safe on bikes. The concern around Snow Foam going into cracks and crescents that can't be reached was the main concern. As long as the Snow Foam can be rinsed off the bike, there should be no issues.
When do items get dispatched and how long does shipping take?
We strive to ship out all items the next business day. If there are any deviations to this, we will be in communication with you. Check out our shipping information page to see our shipping times.
Is it safe on my paint?
Yes. The Snow Foam Detergent we have formulated is pH neutral (pH. ~7). This means when diluted, it will not strip quality waxes, sealants or do damage to your paint protection.
Is it safe on my wrap job?
It is safe to use on wrap jobs as it is on paintwork
Do I have to scrub my car after Snow Foaming?
This depends on how dirty the car is and how often you wash. For quality waxed or paint protected cars and alike, many of our customers have found a layer of Snow Foam followed by a rinse is enough to get the dirt and grime off their car. They wash at least once a fortnight. We recommend Snow Foaming, Rinsing, Snow Foaming again then lightly scrubbing the second layer then rinsing and drying. If you do scrub, use quality wash mitts and drying towels as found in our Exterior section or in our premium packages.
What warranty is included?
Our Snow Foam Lances, Guns and Air Foamers all come with 1 Year Warranty. Simply provide us information on your issue & your order number to support@snowfoam.com.au. We will work with you to come to a solution.
How much detergent do I need to use in my Lance or Gun?
100mL diluted with warm water into your gun or lance.
What is the Returns & Refund Policy?
Returns & Refunds accepted up to 30 days after purchase as long as the product is unused.