"The more technique you have, the less you have to worry about it."

You've foamed, you've scrubbed and now it's time for drying. But can your drying process be causing your car more harm than good? It is true that drying your car can be dangerous, so today we're talking all thing about quick, safe drying.

With safe drying methods for your pride and joy being essential to maintain that swirl-free finish, we've found we needed to use drying towels that were soft, super absorbent and friendly on your paintwork.

Over countless car washes that have maintained a swirl-free finish, here are some of our tips to get your next wash safer than ever: 

Our Drying Tips & Techniques:

Wash your car and rinse in the shade. Heat will only have water on your car evaporate quickly causing water spots. After washing thoroughly, rinse your car to allow it to drip dry. We do not want to use your drying towel to clean any dirt as that's your wash mitt's job.

Start with your windows first as your vision being the driver is the most important to be water-spot free.

Proceed from the top of the car down with a Twister Drying Towel. Lay it flat over the water and slide across holding the corners. Proceed panel to panel.

Use separate drying towels for your wheels. We like to use microfibre clothes for our wheels and the Twister Drying Towel or Waffle Weave Towels for the paintwork.

Nothing worse than spreading unseen brake dust all over your paintwork.

❅ Open all doors including your fuel cap and dry areas to ensure as much water is dried up and not running down your car when you drive off. 

Ensure at no point the towel touches the ground. If it does hit the ground, get another clean towel to finish the job.

Advanced Tips

Take your time. A rushed drying job is only asking for more abrasion and eventually detailing work such as buffing, in the future. Taking your time to ensure you thoroughly dry will have your car looking better than ever. Do it once, do it right. 

Opting for a car blower can also be a good idea. Although not cheap and at times not quick, it is a touch-free solution for drying and helps dry the areas towels can't reach.

Coat your car in a protective, hydrophobic layer. Whether that is Snow Foam Shield, Snow Foam Spray Wax or a ceramic coating, you want your car to be able to dry itself as much as possible. Drip drying with a hydrophobic surface has water sheet off your car. The last thing you want is for water beads to stay stagnant and evaporating off your paintwork causing water marks. 

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