Travelling across Australia in a caravan is a dream for many Aussies, with the freedom of going wherever you want, whenever you want. Caravan ownership is exponentially growing but when it comes to cleaning it, the job is no small one but we've got the tools to assist to make it as easy as possible.

Here's 5 reasons why you should consider Snow Foam to clean your caravan:

1. Snow Foam offers fast coverage

If you're using a pressure washer, hook up the Snow Foam Lance to the end of your pressure washer trigger and you'll be able to spray a thick foam across the entire height of your caravan. Allow this to dwell for 5 - 10 minutes before rinsing then applying a second layer to agitate. It beats continuously dipping a brush into a bucket just to apply minimal suds. 

If you're using a garden hose, you can use the Snow Foam Gun to apply a wet-foam on your caravan. Although not as thick as the pressure washer option, you'll be able to cover your caravan in suds ready for pre-washing and agitation. 

It's an experience second-to-none after trying this method and the long dwell time from using Snow Foam Detergent like Berry Thick will give you time to go around and agitate without the foam falling straight to the ground. 

2. Snow Foam is safer for your paint's finish

Snow Foam your caravan, rinse, Snow Foam, Agitate, Rinse and Dry. 

The traditional washing method means you are immediately agitating your paint surface that is most likely covered in embedded dirt particles with a wet sponge. To us, this is the equivalent of sandpaper on your paint, which causes the unwanted swirl marks and hazing. 

By taking the extra step to pre-wash and loosen as much dirt as possible, we are reducing the chances of inducing swirls and increasing the lubrication between wash mitt and paint surface. This simple step will have us go longer without needing to whip out the old polish and compound to correct the paint's surface which are both financially and time-costly.

3. Snow Foam Shield means you're cleaning for longer

Snow Foam Shield and Snow Foam Shield Concentrate provide a hydrophobic layer to repel water on your caravan's paint for up to 6 months per application. Shield is an si02/ polymer based chemical capable of bonding to your paint's surface providing a layer of protection around it. When it rains or the car is rinsed, water will struggle to stick to your paint's surface and the water will bead on your paint's surface and eventually roll off. 

When you Snow Foam, this means the dirt is sitting above the paint's surface on the polymer surface and more easily slide off. The end result means less dirt between your wash mitt and your paint surface, making for a easier and safer wash with Snow Foam.

With Shield Spray at only $24.95 for the 500mL option, you'll have enough to protect the caravan two to three times over for up to 18 months of protection from one bottle. With Shield Concentrate, you can dilute the formula with water in your Snow Foam Lance and cover the caravan in seconds for an even easier protection method. Shield is wet-applied and is best for paint surfaces only. 


4. Snow Foam is cost-effective. 

When you opt for a Snow Foam Lance or Gun and Snow Foam Detergent, you'll save money in the long run.

When you venture out to the coin car wash, it's likely you'll pay $1 per minute for their use of pressure washer and soap (which you'll have no idea what they use or if its safe for your caravan). If it usually takes you 20 - 30 minutes to wash, you'll be paying $20-30 per wash. 

When you have the setup at home, you will have to cover the initial expense of the Snow Foam Lance or Gun but Snow Foam Detergent will cost $2.95 - $3.49 per wash (100mL with the rest water). This will be enough to cover your entire caravan once. If you do the pre-wash and contact wash layers, it will cost you $5.9 - $6.98 per wash saving you money in the long term. 

5. Snow Foam at the comfort of your own home

No more lining up at the self-serve car washes waiting for other motorists to finish their washes. Do it when it suits you at the comfort of your own home. More importantly, use tools that you know are quality and clean to avoid scratching your paint.  


Caravan Cleaning Tips with Snow Foam's Range of Exterior Care Products 

Snow Foam Orange - An all-purpose heavy duty degreaser that you can use neat to target heavier staining or even mix in with your Snow Foam Detergent for added kick of cleaning. It's citrus based and makes cleaning a breeze. 

Spray & wipe (door steps, engine bays), spray and agitate with a brush (mudflaps, wheel fenders, plastics, trims), Spray and rinse to remove any old waxes or protectants. 

Fourby Foam - An alkaline-based Snow Foam Detergent targeting dirt, grime, sand, salt and mud. The added strength will assist in cleaning caked on mud yet still be safe for your paint. 

Black - Trim Restorer - Used by many caravan owners for their black aluminium checker plate to restore depth and darkness. Clean area with rubbing alcohol and apply with applicator. Allow to dry and reapply if needed. Also great for mirrors and other plastic trims and guards.

"Brilliant Black -  
After using multiple products to attempt to restore the black checker plate on our caravan without much success I stumbled across this on the net. It was definitely worth giving a go and we are so pleased with the results. It was easy to apply and buffed off with a microfibre cloth leaving no streaks. So far it doesn't seem to attract the red dust and road grime like other products and at this stage we are not sure how long we will get out of it before the need to restore as our van sits in full sun for the time being. Photo: half and half" - 
Narrelle M.

"⭐ Great stuff - I used this on the black checkerplate on my caravan. It was easy to use and the result is fantastic. I would highly recommend this product for this use." - Sue R.


Other Kits to Consider:

Fourby Foam Above & Below Kit

" ⭐ This kit is the business. Works wonders on the 4x4 after a day in the mud . Also took it to my Father’s place to give his caravan a blast as well . He loved the easy use of the wheel sprayer . Reduce his time to clean the oversized caravan . Five stars"


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