Guide for Thick Snow Foam

Thick luxurious Snow Foam is desired by many car enthusiasts and today we look into how to achieve just that.

There are many factors that come into play when trying to get the thickest foam possible. It is one of the most visually appealing ways to wash your car and a few key things to consider to get started include:

1. The Right Pressure Washer

You want a high water flow rate, as close to 8L/m or more with a strong pressure rating preferably above 1800W and 2000psi. If you have anything less, swap your Snow Foam Lance's interchangeable orifice to the 1.1mm option. Generally Lances come with a 1.25mm orifice, as it is the safest option for the largest range of pressure washers. 

A good cost efficient option is the Ryobi RPW170G

2. The Snow Foam Lance & Orifice Size

Our Snow Foam Lance and our new OG+ Lance have gone through immense testing to ensure that thick foam can be generated. We have tested using a lower water flow rated pressure washer through to high powered petrol powered pressure washers and see great results with both. 

You want a Lance that has adjustability with dilution rates, fan adjustability and a big enough bottle to hold your Snow Foam Detergent mixture.

3. Snow Foam Detergent

Our Snow Foam Detergents are designed to work as both a pre-wash and a contact wash option. They have both been specifically formulated to provide a thick foam when diluted with water. We dilute 100mL of Snow Foam Detergent with 900mL water to create a solution still capable of producing thick foam. 

Our new Snow Foam Berry Thick has specifically been formulated to create a mousse-like finish. 

Tip: Test diluting Snow Foam Detergent with warmer water to help stimulate thicker foam. 

4. Snow Foam Lance Setup

Ensure all threading is adequately taped with the PTFE 5 times around. This will ensure it is watertight and there is sufficient pressure to pick up the detergent.

The four of these actions when put together will create that ultra-desirable thick foam. Contact us today and we can help assist with pressure washer recommendations along with tips and tricks to get you started today.

 View our Snow Foam Lance Servicing Guide. You'll see how to change filters and orifice sizes.