Snow Foam Gun Leaking? Here's How To Fix It.

Our Snow Foam Guns are a great tool for quick application of suds on your car. The most frustrating part is when tools and equipment don't work as they simply should. 

We strive to perform all of our tests prior to products being sent out but here is a quick guide to have your Snow Foam Gun working its best. 


Experiencing Leaks?

There are two main areas that leaks can occur for the Snow Foam Gun. 

1. The Garden Hose Attachment

2. Quick Release Adaptor 

If you are experiencing leaking from where the hose handle attaches to the Snow Foam Gun, hand-tighten Part 1. Simple rotate it clockwise until tight. 

If you are experiencing leaking from where your garden hose attaches to your Snow Foam Hose Handle, retrieve a spanner or similar tool and tighten Part 2b. Ensure there is a washer (Part 2a) before inserting Part 2b. 


Check that the Hose sprayer does not have any physical cracks that may be leaking water. It is extremely rare for this to happen but it could be a possibility for leakage. 


My Snow Foam Gun won't stop spraying water

Ensure that the metal tab at the top of your Snow Foam Gun handle (Part 3) is flicked away from Part 4 when you are holding it. This metal tab is in place to keep the hose on if you wanted to continuously run the hose.

You can also tighten and loosen the gold bolt to control the water outflow of your Snow Foam Gun Handle (Part 4).