Have you ever washed your car and later realised there's swirled paint marks on the hood, trunk, roof?


Snow Foam is the number one reason for not ending up with swirl marks every time you wash your car. By using Snow Foam you are instantly applying lubrication onto your paintwork and hard to reach places. When you let the Snow Foam sit and dwell, it will dissolve and drag off dirt and grime. Clean easily, quickly, and more effectively than ever before.

Source: Snow Foam Australia

You want to avoid swirls on your car

Many cars, bikes, trucks, and boats are prone to scratching when you immediately get a wash mitt and start scrubbing, even if they are treated with wax or similar coating products. Using Snow Foam as a pre-washing technique reduces the damage to your paint's surface and lubricates the dirt, oil, grease, grime, mud, snow, or other contaminants. As you rinse the Snow Foam off, you are gently removing contamination's off the paint that you would otherwise rub into the paintwork, creating what we would normally see as swirl marks.


It's not a gimmick

Snow foam has been used by professionals over the last two decades to prepare and wash vehicles as part of a 3-step process: pre-wash, wash, and protect. Although it can be time intensive, the results speak for themselves and Snow Foam has now become a staple in every washing routine. Just imagine the look on your neighbors face when they see your car completely covered in snow foam on the weekend. It never gets old.

Nathan Kelly -

"Such an easy system to use and made cleaning my car fun and fast. The snow foam detergent is excellent, it took off all the dirt on my car without having to scrub, and my car has stayed much cleaner and shinier than it ever has with other car washes. I highly recommend snow foam to everyone"


Source: Snow Foam Australia

Add Snow Foam to your routine

The solution is simple. Just as we have always used a bucket. Now, Snow Foam is the first step before any wash.

Remember to use a good Snow Foam before washing your car! Now there are hundreds of different Snow Foams available out there. But we have been developing the best snow foam solutions since 2013. We have a gentle Snow Foam detergent that is pH neutral and won't strip waxes or coatings, and quality Lances and Guns with 2 year warranty to make sure your tools never let you down. Keep your car, bike, truck, or boat looking their best for years to come.


Here is what you will need

  • A Snow Foam Lance (for pressure washers) or Snow Foam Gun (for garden hoses).

  • A pH Neutral Snow Foam Detergent.

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Source: Snow Foam Australia


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