Did you know that the Honda Civic has had ten generations since its initial launch in 1972?

Like Honda, we at Snow Foam strive for continuous improvement year on year to ensure we are providing the highest quality car care products possible to Australians all over the country. 

For the past eight years

We’ve continually been improving our products to be more effective, easier to use, with increased ergonomics and all whilst maintaining the Snow Foam standard of quality for our fellow automotive enthusiasts. 

We have had a deep focus on improving two of our most popular products, the Snow Foam Lance and our Snow Foam Detergent. Over the past two years, we have poured countless man-hours of R&D into both of these staple products.

Getting the right feedback

Working directly with our extensive detailer network and customer feedback, our new Snow Foam Lance features design upgrades that directly improve not only usability but also their effectiveness. We are now only a week away from bringing our newly designed Snow Foam Lance to the market, and to say we are proud would be an understatement. 

Like our Lance, our Snow Foam Detergent has also undergone an evolutionary reformulation to best even our famous existing formula. We’ve achieved this by bringing a thicker, more effective foam that will have your weekends filled with the joys of easier and more effective cleaning that’s guaranteed to save you time and leave you grinning ear to ear. 

We’ve continually taken on customer feedback since Snow Foam Australia launched in 2013. We are overjoyed and privileged that we can continue to serve Aussies all over the country.




Stay updated

Keep up to date on our website, social media channels (@snowfoamau) and our emails as we will be spilling tea on all of our new products.



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