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Blitzen - Ultimate Lance & Bucket Gift Set

OG+ Lance Sold Out - Available with Original Snow Foam Lance

Christmas Gift Set: Blitzen

This Ultimate package is for someone who owns a pressure washer and is car-obsessed! A perfectly suited gift to ensure that special someone will be entertained for weekends to come! 

Create the perfect White Christmas this year with our thickest Snow yet.

What You Get:

  1. Two Bucket Wash Set 
    equipped with dirt-trapping grit guards
  2. Snow Foam Lance OG+ or Snow Foam Lance
    with your choice of pressure washer adaptor
  3. Berry Thick Detergent 1L
    (Or Fourby Foam, Salt Cleanse or Snow Foam Original Detergent 
    for 10-20 thick foam washes
  4. Snow Cloud Wash Mitt
    for safe contact washing
  5. Twister Drying Towel
    for effortless drying 
  6. Purple - Wheel Cleaner & Iron Decontamination
    for post-wash paint protection and shine
  7. Microfibre Wheel Brush
    to clean deep inside the wheels
  8. Orange Degreaser
    for the stubborn stains and exhaust soot
  9. Spray Wax
    for an added layer of gloss post wash
  10. Shield Spray
    for water beading paint & easier cleaning in the future
  11. Clear - Window Cleaner
    to focus on the road, not the dirty windows
  12. Interior Cleaner
    for a clean cockpit
  13. Tyre Shine
    for the perfect photo-finish
  14. Wrap-Ready Gift Box + Card 
    to simply wrap and place under the Christmas Tree

Please Note: Free Shipping options have no guarantee for delivery by Christmas, Australia-wide. It is advised to use express shipping options including Auspost or TNT.

Unsure what pressure washer they own? 
Simple take a photo and send it to us at or use our website chat feature, Instagram DM or Facebook Messenger.

How Do Wrap-Ready Gift Boxes Work?

We know you've got a busy schedule, so we've done as much as we could to ease your Christmas preparation this year.

The Snow Foam team will carefully package your gift in our deluxe gift box and package it inside another mailing box. Simply open up the box, check all the contents are there, wrap up the gift box and place it underneath the Christmas Tree. The invoice will be separated from the gift box. Don't forget a small note on the provided card!

We will do all we can to ensure the couriers treat the box as gently as possible, and we will put as much protection around the gift box as possible. It is recommended to open the package, rearrange any items that may have moved before wrapping. 

Two Bucket Wash Kit - A separate box will be provided for the wash buckets. Simply wrap them with your favourite wrapping paper and place under the tree alongside the gift box/boxes. 

Recommended Shipping Options

To beat the rush, select TNT or TNT Overnight Express as they have proven to be the most reliable service for delivery from our location in Sydney. 

Free shipping is available with this gift package and will be shipped with either Australia Post, Couriers Please or Fastway. Please note that delays are highly likely. 

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