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    Snow Foam Lance Starter Package

    Connecting straight to your Pressure Washer, the Snow Foam™ Lance provides a thick layer of foam to break down the dirt and grime on your car to ensure you do not start scrubbing harsh dirt into your car and paintwork – Say goodbye to swirl marks and hazing!

    The Snow Foam™ Lance means you can have a quick, easy and fun car wash with the assurance that you aren’t damaging your pride and joy. As a guide, team up the Snow Foam Lance with only 100mL of Snow Foam™ Detergent followed by 900mL of water and you'll be able to comfortably cover 2 standard sedans. 

    If needed, follow up Snow Foam™ with a two-bucket method car wash ensuring you scrub lightly on your paintwork. 

    Our Snow Foam Lances come pre-installed with a 1.25mm foaming inlet which is suitable for 1600 psi - 5000 psi pressure washers. Also included is a 1.11mm foaming inlet that can be used for 1200 psi - 1600 psi pressure washers.

    Save time whilst maintaining your car’s value. Works great with cars, bikes, boats & trucks!

    Perfect as a starter kit to show your care how much you care. 

    • Easy To Install – Plugs directly to your Pressure Washer.
    • Accurately Mixes Foaming Detergent to produce thick and clinging foam
    • Adjustable Foaming Dilution Rate from Thick to Wet Foam
    • Adjustable Spraying Pattern from Fan to Jet Spray
    • Made with quality materials for maximum durability.
    • Min. 1200 psi  - Max. 5000 psi
    • Two foaming inlets included (1.25mm & 1.1mm) 
    • 2 Year Warranty

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