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Snow Foam Lance Ultimate Care Kit Plus

The Ultimate Care Kit for pressure washers and weekend warriors. Prepare your garage with an all-in-one bundle with every chemical and tool for every occasion.

We are proud to finally make available all our best products into one simple package for all your washing, detailing, and maintenance needs. Specially selected chemical products and tools are provided to ensure you are well-equipped at every opportunity. 

The Snow Foam Ultimate Care Kit allows you to:

1. Snow Foam Prewash ( Lance, Snow Foam Detergent, Orange)
2. Rinse
3. Wash ( Snow Foam Detergent, Snow Cloud, Purple Wheel Cleaner, Wheel Brush, Clear, Interior Cleaner),
4. Rinse
5. Dry (Twister Towel)
6. Protect (Shield Spray, Spray Wax, Tyre Gel)

Save over 10% when you buy together instead of individually!

Package includes:

1x Snow Foam Lance
1x 1L Snow Foam Detergent (upgrade up to 10L)
OR 1L Snow Foam Berry Thick (upgrade up to 10L)
1x Snow Foam Twister Towel
1x Snow Foam Snow Cloud Wash Mitt
1x Clear - Window Cleaner
1x Interior Cleaner
1x Signature Spray Wax
1x Shield Spray

1x Orange - Heavy Duty Degreaser
1x Microfibre Wheel Brush 
1x Purple - Brake Dust Dissolver

1x Tyre Gel

Learn how to use the Ultimate Care Kit:

A Washing Guide To Using Your Ultimate Care Kit