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    Post Foam Care Premium Package

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    Just rinsed off your Snow Foam but want to spoil your car some more? You've come to the right place.

    This kit contains all the essentials you need after foaming your car.

    Purple by Snow Foam

    A game changer. We've tested, tested, tested and then did more testing to find a Brake Dust Dissolver that we could use effectively, smelt pleasant enough to use and would only require minimal product to be effective. The market is filled with fallout removers that we couldn't stand to be anywhere near but with Purple by Snow Foamwe went toward it instead of running away from it. 

    Tire Shine

    Finish your car care process with Snow Foam Tire Shine. With a few sprays on each tire wall, you'll step back and see your car shine from head to toe. 

    Simply mist onto your clean tyres and if needed, spread across tire to even out the shine. Wipe any overspray and leave to settle in before driving away. You will now have tires looking refreshed and ready for the road or show and shine. 

    Spray Wax & Microfibre Towels

    Keep your car shining with Snow Foam Signature Spray Wax.

    After you've cleaned your car thoroughly, grab a soft microfibre towel and mist on Snow Foam Spray Wax one panel at a time. Not only will you give your car a hydrophobic protecting layer, you'll ensure your car is spotless and free from water spots.

    It also provide a nice smooth shine that will help keep dirt sticking to your paintwork. This means an even easier Snow Foaming next weekend. 


    Snow Foam Clay Bar

    If your car is yet to be detailed, paint protected or even waxed, your experience when running your finger over your paintwork may not feel smooth. It may be harsh, bumpy and unpleasant. 

    Thankfully there is a solution. Snow Foam Clay Bars. An affordable, do-it-yourself way toward enhancing the gloss on your paintwork. 

    Available in three grades (fine, medium and heavy) simply Snow Foam your car fully ensuring it is as clean as possible. With a layer of Snow Foam, tear an appropriately sized amount of Snow Foam Clay Bar and mould it into circular, patty-like shape. 

    Run the Snow Foam Clay Bar across your lubricated paintwork doing one section at a time. Feel the treated areas and continue to fold over the clay bar as dirt is absorbed into the clay. 

    Blue (Fine) - Car has light dirt build up.

    Purple (Medium) - Car has moderate dirt build up.

    Red (Heavy) - Car has heavy dirt build up.

    Package Includes
    • 500mL Purple by Snow Foam
    • 500mL Tire Shine
    • 500mL Spray Wax
    • Microfibre Towel Pack (3pc)
    • Snow Foam Clay Bar

    Liquids Storage Note: Store in a cool & dry place. Bottles may leak and liquids may degrade in direct sunlight or heat.