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    Platinum Potions - Luxe Edition

    Extremely deep, luxurious & exotic scents that may take you back to the old days.

    Nue Kar Smell
    The Scent: A tricky one to explain, imagine fresh leather crossed with a hint new car smell, at first a slight floral note may be noticed though once settled deep into the carpets for a day, a deep & rich luxurious fragrance comes through

    Alpha Cologne 
    The scent:
    Freshly applied your whip will experience a very masculine & aquatic like scent, upon settling hints of cool ice, geranium & neroli will engulf your interior. This may remind you of your favourite perfume or aftershave & will have the ladies sniffing around!

    Velvet Blooms

    The scent: It's old skool! Freshly applied in the beast or at home an extremely strong, floral & somewhat powdery-like scent will overwhelm your carpets. After settling in a floral like scent that has a slightly woody tone to it will become your new romantic partner.

    Summer Aurora
    The Scent: Freshly applied you will experience what we call “Heavenly Paradise” which is a pleasant & mixed fruity scent with hints of lime, upon settling down a hints of smooth vanilla & lilac that have been laced with a touch of amber will leave you day dreaming wishing you were up in cloud 9.

    Dark Wood 
    The Scent:When you first apply this, a very rich & luxurious sandalwood that’s been laced with a special sweet blend of honey (just how the boss likes it) will stand over your interior. 

    Midnight Frost 
    The Scent: Ride shot gun with your driving buddy, blast through the rainforest during a cold winter’s night just after the rain stops, stick your head out the window, breathe in & taste the air!

    Vanilla Dreams
    The Scent:Freshly applied a smooth & sharp vanilla will engulf your interior, after settling down an amazing rich & extremely luxurious Tahitian style vanilla will overwhelm your sense of smell & taste. With the wonderful aromatics produced it’ll have you dreaming all night long!

    Volcanic Elixir
    The Scent:When you first spray this you will be engulfed with an authentic straight up refreshing zesty lemon green tea smell & upon settling down green tea with slight hints of lemon will come through & if your nose is sensitive enough you may pick up very light hints of soft floral notes.

    Liquids Storage Note: Store in a cool & dry place. Bottles may leak and liquids may degrade in direct sunlight or heat.