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    Mini Detailer Essential Kit

    On the go, no access to power, or just need a quick foam? The Mini Detailer is the most convenient way to clean as little or as much as you need.

    Fill, Pump, Spray, and Clean without the need for a hose, pressure washer, electricity, or hassle.

    1. Great for Wheels: Cover wheels with Purple by Snow Foam or Wheel Cleaner by Snow Foam. Wait 10 seconds and apply a layer of thick foam on top of it. Agitate with detailing brushes if dirt is stubborn.
    2. Great for Lubricating Clay Bars: When using a clay bar, it is recommended to do one section at a time. Simply take off the end nozzle of the Mini Detailer and spray your car to provide a wet lubricated layer of Snow Foam. This will help your clay bar to glide on your paintwork to capture dirt and grime.  
    3. Great for Spot Cleaning: To spot clean an area, spray the surface with foam from 1 cm away. Let it dwell for 5 – 10 minutes and rinse it off by spraying the area with water.
    • 2-year warranty
    • 100% Australian made chemicals

    Kit includes a Snow Foam Mini Detailer, 1x Snow Foam Detergent, 1x Waffle Weave Towel, and 1x Snowcloud Wash Mitt.