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E-FOAMER Starter Kit

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Detergent Size

Less Pumping. More Foaming!

Skip out on the setup of garden hoses, pressure washers and power cords, use it at home, in the garage or at work.

Perfect for apartment living where access to power and water is scarce and can be taken with you on the road with no hassle.  The E-FOAMER can be diluted with all kinds of cleaning products and lets you clean anywhere you go, anytime of the day. 

    E-FOAMER Starter Kit
    E-FOAMER Starter Kit
    E-FOAMER Starter Kit
    E-FOAMER Starter Kit
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    ✌️ 1 Year Warranty


    Dump The Pump - Foam Instantly.

    Gone are the days of tiresomely pumping away at your manual pump sprayer only to get a few good squirts out of it. At Snow Foam, we're all about easy, effective cleaning and we're bringing car care into the future with the Snow Foam E-FOAMER V2. 

    Easy, electric and exciting, the E-FOAMER holds 2L and can be diluted with a variety of your favourite cleaning products.

    No pressure washers, No Garden Hoses, No Pumping!

    An all-electric, foam and mist sprayer capable of producing a thick, luxurious blanket of foam, at the simple press of a button.

    • Large 2L Tank

      Enough To Foam Your Sedan or Bike!

    • Durable Design

      Heavy-duty HDPE bottle and copper motor.

    • Volume Measurement Markings

      With a transparent strip for accurate filling.

    • Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery

      Modern electric power with a water-sealed charging port.

    • Press Twice For Continuous Foam/Mist

      Flick the switch for continuous spraying.

    • Take It With You

      Extremely Portable, You can use it on your car, bike, jet ski or even around the home!

    Product Details

    How To Use The E-Foamer

    Let's Get E-Foaming

    ➊ Charge it up using the provided USB-C cable into a 5V charger

    ➋ Insert the included foam or mist head followed by the rubber gasket into E-FOAMER spray tip

    ➌ Fill the E-FOAMER up with your favourite cleaning solution. 

    ➍ Turn the E-FOAMER on by pressing the power button, or double tap for continuous foam

    ➎ Spray your desired area of cleaning

    A quick switch over to the nozzle sprayer and you can spray a fine mist of your favourite cleaning products -ALL WITHOUT A SINGLE PUMP ACTION!

    When To Use The E-Foamer


    Whether it be your car, bike, boat or quadbike, load it up and foam away! Take it with you on trips, show and shines or to the car wash bay.


    Great for window cleaning, window tinting, vinyl wrapping, PPF application, car washing and detailing, wet sanding or mechanical jobs. A perfectly versatile E-FOAMER will be a press away to make work even easier.


    Clean bathrooms, windows and kitchens or take it outside to maintain your garden!

    What's In The Box?

    ✔️ Snow Foam E-FOAMER
    ✔️ Foam Nozzle
    ✔️ Mist Nozzle 
    ✔️ 2 Gaskets
    ✔️ USB-C Charging Cable
    ✔️ Measuring Cup
    ✔️ 1 Year Warranty 


    Weight: 1.15kg

    Volume: 2000mL

    Charging Time: 5V: 5.5Hours 

    Usage Time: 45 Mins

    Max Working Pressure: 2.5 Bar

    Ambient Operation Temp: 5 °C - 40 °C

    Bundles Of Joy

    Mix It Up

    • Snow Foam Detergent


    • Wheel Cleaner


    • Purple Iron Decontaminant


    • All Purpose Cleaner

      5:1 - 10:1

    • Salt Cleanse


    • Orange Degreaser

      5:1 - 10:1


    How Do I Set It Up?

    Plug the USB cord provided in the box into the E-Foamer using a 5V or 9V USB adaptor.

    Once charged, find the rubber gasket and insert into the foam nozzle or mist nozzle then screw these both onto the E-Foamer. Full instructions available in the box.

    Fill the E-Foamer with 1.75L of water and 50ML of Berry Thick, screw the lid on and turn it on. Let it surge for 30 seconds and start foaming!

    When done, turn off the E-Foamer and release the top air vale before opening.

    Do I Still Scrub The Car?

    The Snow Foam system of washing focuses on swirl-avoidance over contac-avoidance. We still scrub the car to dislodge stubborn dirt that the touchless pre-wash isn't able to remove. We do so with more confidence knowing a wash mitt isn't directly trying to forcefully wipe multiple layers of dirt like that of conventional washing methods.

    How Do I Wash The Car With The E-Foamer?

    Foam, Rinse, Foam, Scrub, Rinse then dry for a thorough wash.

    Spray the car, from bottom to top to ensure you don't overlap layers.

    Use the two-bucket method to assist in the contact wash or if you wish to avoid using buckets, wash the mitt after each panel with your spray trigger.

    We like to have the Gun in our right hand and wash mitt in our left, reapplying suds where needed.

    How Long Do I Leave Snow Foam On For?

    Leave Snow Foam on for at least 5 minutes avoiding any sunlight if possible.

    As a general rule, you want to rinse the first layer off before it dries onto the paint.

    Is There Warranty?

    Shop with confidence knowing we have you fully supported with 2 years warrant on the Snow Foam Lance. We are experts in pressure washer and cleaning parts and understand things leak and break. Send us a message and we will sort your issue and replace or fix where needed for two years from purchase.

    • Free Shipping Over $150

      Australia Wide

    • 1 Year Warranty

      On all E-Foamers

    • 30 Day Money Back

      Hassle Free Returns

    • Australian Owned

      100% Aussie Owned