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Snow Foam Industrial is ready for when you need to clean larger machinery than a standard car or bike or if you need to wash multiple cars or bikes in a day.

With our range of products, you'll have the power to effortlessly clean trucks, boats, aircraft, machinery, trailers, walls and more. 

Pressure Washer Products

With our Snow Foam Lance, you'll have the ability to spray your machinery with a thick layer of Snow Foam and watch as the dirt drips off. The benefits of using a Snow Foam Lance with your pressure cleaner is the ability to switch from high pressure spraying to Snow Foam Lance in seconds. 

This is a great solution to cleaning trucks and trailers as the Snow Foam Lance can reach long distances to allow you to snow foam areas hard to reach. 

Snow Foam Detergent

pH Neutral Foam & Non-pH Neutral Foam Available

Snow Foam Detergent 5L 

RRP: $154.99

ABN Holders: $139.50 Inc GST
Up to 150 layers of foam

Snow Foam Detergent 15L 
RRP: $464.97

ABN Holders: $397.99 Inc GST 

Up To 450 layers of foam*

Snow Foam Detergent 25L 

RRP: $619.96
ABN Holders: $554.99 Inc GST

Up to 750 layers of foam*

Snow Foam Detergent 200L

RRP: $6,199.60 Inc GST

ABN Holders: $3297.90 Inc GST 

Save: $2,901.70

Up to 6,000 layers of foam*

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*on a standard sedan. 

All prices do not include shipping unless otherwise specified.


Truck Pre-Clean by Snow Foam

Non-pH Neutral Truck Pre-clean by Snow Foam to be applied before pH Neutral Snow Foam Detergent

5L - $82.99 Inc GST

10L - $154.99 Inc GST

20L - $379.99 Inc GST

Truck Wash Special

Purchase 200L of Snow Foam Detergent & Receive:

  • 200L Snow Foam Detergent (Worth 6,199.60)
  • 2 x Snow Foam Lance with 1/4 Inch Quick Connect Adaptors (Worth $189.98)
  • 20L Truck Pre-Clean by Snow Foam (Worth $379.99)
  • Free Shipping Australia Wide

$3297.90 Inc GST
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Snow Foam Electric Sprayers 

Without the need to connect it to a garden hose, the Snow Foam Electric Sprayer 50L is an optimal choice for many businesses. 

Simply connect to a power point, top up with water and Snow Foam Detergent and you'll have the power of spraying thick foam on any surface. 

Built in Italy, these Snow Foam Electric Sprayers are designed and manufactured with quality in mind and come with 1 Year Warranty. 

Great for hand car wash centres cleaning 20+ cars per day. By separating the Snow Foam process with the pressure washer & rinsing process, you can have more cars washed at the same time as cars can sit untouched and have dirt and grime drip off. 

With the high pressure built inside the tanks, this means minimal detergent is needed to produce a lot of foam. This is an extremely efficient method for washing large or multiple machinery in a day.

Also suitable for commercial kitchens and food stores with glass displays. 

Prices start at: $3500 Inc GST - Not Including Shipping - 1 Year Warranty.

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