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Free shipping over $150

The Snow Foam Wash System

Snow Foam Pre-Wash

Snow Foam (Pre-Wash)

The first step is pre-wash with a layer of Snow Foam. You want to select your Snow Foam Applicator (Lance, Gun or E-Foamer) along with 100mL of Snow Foam Detergent of choice (Original, Berry Thick, Fourby Foam or Salt Cleanse) diluted with water.

Rinse & Wheel Wash

Rinse & Wheel Wash

During this rinse stage, you can apply Wheel Cleaners and scrub your wheels and tyres.

Wheel Cleaner is an alkaline cleaner great for OEM wheels, whilst Purple Brake Dust Dissolver is great for all wheel finishes, being pH Neutral.

Snow Foam Contact Wash

Snow Foam Contact Wash

Once the foam is applied, you can use a Detailing Brush Set to agitate badges, grilles and other smaller areas.

Using the Two Bucket Wash Method, use the Wash Mitts to agitate the surface using light pressure. Clean one surface at a time, cleaning the mitt into your rinse bucket frequently.

Rinse & Shield

Rinse & Shield

After the the Contact Wash rinse, you can apply Snow Foam Shield Spray. As a wet-applied sealant, it will instantly bond to your paintwork within 30 seconds. Rinse thoroughly.

Shield will create a hydrophobic barrier to repel water on your car, keeping it cleaner for longer (as well as taking off dirt when it rains!).


Dry With Drying Towel

Drying your car properly is equally as important as how you contact wash it. Using the right drying towels will ensure a streak free finish without leaving behind micro swirls and scratches.


Protect & Restore

Once the car is dried, you can use the following products:

  • Ceramic Detailer - For ceramic and non ceramic coated cars
  • Spray Wax - for non ceramic coated cars
  • Waterless Wash as a quick detailer
  • Tyre Gel/Shine
  • Black Trim Restorer