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Snow Foam Lance Platinum Package

All-encompassing package allowing a safe wash from start to finish.

This is the crème de la crème of car care for a clean exterior and enjoyable interior.

"The product is high quality and does what it says it will. The kit allowed me to do my car with out having to buy anything else. It did a wonderful job, very easily!" - James C.

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Combining the best of the Snow Foam premium range, this package will have you kitted up for swirl-free success. The Supreme Package sets you upon a whole-encompassing car wash experience from start to finish. 

Start Strong with the Snow Foam Lance and Detergent. The fully adjustable Snow Foam Lance attaches to your pressure washer for a thick, clinging Snow Foam that loosens dirt and grime away off your paintwork to avoid scrubbing dirt and contaminants on your paintwork.

In partnership with our pH Neutral Snow Foam Detergent, you'll have a thick clinging foam. Wax free and biodegradable, its safe on your paint, vinyl wrap and works even better on a paint protected car. To top it off, it's Australian Made too! As a guide, use only 100mL of detergent diluted with 900mL water.

Soft Touch with the Noodle Wash Mitt.

Imagine dragging micro dirt particles across your paintwork. We hear nothing but swirl-inducing results! With Snow Foam it does its best to remove as much dirt and grime as possible. Some cars will have dirt dried up that it becomes too stubborn and requires a light scrub. This is where the Soft Touch Microfibre Wash Mitt is introduced. Super plush, soft, durable and fits like a glove, you'll glide dirts off your car safely, quickly and with added assurance of a swirl-free finish.  

Dry not Scratch.

After months of research, we worked with some of Australia's top car detailers who have been in the industry for years, and got that our requirements for drying methods needed to possess:

  • Speed 
    To minimise effort & maximise effectiveness in reducing dried water-spots
    Dry Your Car In Minutes if not Seconds
  • High Quality Materials 
    To best minimise swirl marks and maximise absorption of as much water as possible with the ability to wring it out for ongoing use.
    Ultra Soft Twist Fibres - One of the strongest types on the market
  • Be Appropriately Sized
    To cover a large surface area thus reducing effort. 
    Extra large sizes up to 70x90cm

  • Reusability 
    To buy once and not worry, reduce waste, save time and money. 
    Dry multiple cars at once

Finishing Touch

With Platinum Potions, you're open to a gallery of sensations. Your choice of flavours will have you enjoying the clean car feeling both in and out. Not your average car fragrance range, the Platinum Potions don't simply mask smells. They work to kill odour and bring forth a breath of freshness each time you step behind the wheel. 

Wild Bubba Licious - Bubble Gum

Sweet Melon Burst - Watermelon

Ice Cream Holiday - Vanilla Ice Cream

Put simply, this is the crème de la crème of car care. 

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